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Old 01-29-2020, 01:16 PM
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Originally Posted by salinqmind View Post
I always have cooked crumbled hamburger in the freezer. I dump some in a baking dish, thaw in the microwave. Add some canned vegetables (corn is popular) and beef gravy. Top with mashed potatoes, frozen, already prepared, even instant made with milk and butter. Top with grated cheese and bake 20 minutes. Shepherds pie!
You can, of course, nuke in the microwave to cut down on heating time, leave it in till the cheese melts. You don't have to bake it.

Cooked crumbled hamburger can be mixed with gravy or barbeque sauce and served over anything starchy, I like hamburger buns if I have them. Cooking hamburger only takes a very few minutes, be sure to drain it though.
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Originally Posted by puzzlegal View Post
I re-use foil if I can do so without heavy washing. For instance, the foil I used to encase the spring-form pan when I rested it in water to cook something delicate can probably be used 2-4 times for the same purpose, without actually applying soap or scrubbing or anything.

I'm impressed that you actually wash your foil.
I stick it in the dishwasher
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Originally Posted by Springtime for Spacers View Post
I stick it in the dishwasher
I have to wonder about that. Dishwasher detergent is somewhat abrasive. I hope you're not eating aluminum dust.
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Originally Posted by kayT View Post
Wow. I make microwave potatoes often. I make creamed chipped beef in the microwave often. Why did it never occur to me to put them together! I have always used toast for the chipped beef; a potato would be much better. THANK YOU!
Make sure to fluff up the potato innards so the creamed chipped beef or chicken can get down into it.
Old 01-31-2020, 06:54 PM
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having 3 bean "salad" right now. Mix canned refried beans, black beans and kidney beans
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My typical "I can't be arsed to cook" rotation kicks in whenever the wife goes on a business trip. For this you need a bag of hamburger buns, a bag of shredded lettuce, a couple pounds of browned hamburger and a box of Kraft Dinner. Plus contents of the fridge, of course.

Day 1: half the Kraft Dinner with added chopped hot dogs and some chopped onions.

Day 2: Loose meat sandwiches and a side salad.

Day 3: Chili Mac using the other half of the Kraft Dinner, some hamburger and a jar of Homade Chili Sauce.

Day 4: Taco Burgers. The rest of the buns and hamburger and lettuce, some grated cheese and taco sauce.

4 dinners for under $15 and under 15 minutes each. Repeat as needed. Add bourbon.
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Tonight: Salmon baked with a little kosher salt and tarragon, lemon butter, and asparagus. Should be done soon.
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Place three frozen hash brown patties in the toaster oven, set for 20 minutes.

With five minutes to go, sprinkle pre-shredded Mexican cheese assortment on top, allow to melt.

When done, spread some ripe avocado on top.

Provides all major food groups. Tasty.
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Originally Posted by Icarus View Post
All y'all have a funny idea of no fuss and exhausted. Some of these sound like they take about 40 minutes, and multiple steps (boil, toast, slice, melt, etc.). Just saying'.

For me it's take out when I'm very lazy. Failing that, I have microwaveable foods that require no prep

If I'm only a little lazy and actually cooking I may bake hamburgers, or cook spaghetti, or make rice in the rice cooker.
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I thought Ballpark (cooked, frozen) burgers were really good - take one out, nuke it, and you're good to go. There is SO much prepared, semi-prepared food out there, no one really has to cook any more. Myself, when I am tired and starving, I'll buy a sandwich or a sub on the way home, or cook a 'broken egg' -......... yes, a broken egg, in a little pan in some butter - make some toast, a slice of cheese, some hot sauce/salsa/ketchup. Takes less than 5 minutes, I think, a nice fried egg sammitch with cheese....mmmm.

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Sausage biscuits with country gravy. Pillsbury biscuits in the oven, when almost done take a spoonful of bacon grease, or butter, and add to pan, whisk in an equal amount of flour, and then slowly add milk. Season with salt and pepper. Microwave Jimmy Dean pre-cooked sausage patties for 45 seconds.

If you really don’t feel like cooking, skip the biscuits. If you don’t have sausage on hand, skip that and just make biscuits with gravy. And if you don’t have sausage or biscuits, just top bread with gravy


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