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Anyone else here watched Flirty Dancing?

To recap: There was this British show in which two singles learned a dance and were required to do it with each other without ever speaking a single word, and based on that had to decide whether they wanted to go on a date. Which presumably would lead to greater things. Fox looked at the concept and apparently decided that a dancing show that didn't have shrieking "judges" or a useless windbag peanut gallery could be a big hit for them, but it need something...triangles! Because of course the whole point of a show about art and relationships is to designate LOSERS! I was going to post something about it after 8 episodes or so, but I just found out today that it was cancelled after the 6th episode.

Honestly, this was the G-rated movie of reality shows, and dancing shows in particular, in that the highest praise were all the things it didn't do. It didn't have an obnoxious judge or crows, as I already mentioned. It didn't bring in toxic personalities. (Even the host was mostly tolerable.) It didn't pretend to have any deep purpose. It wasn't loud or glitzy or in your face. Best of all, it wasn't afraid to admit when things didn't work out for the "winning" dancer. Basically, it was a show about generally nice, pretty people casually performing in front of colorful backdrops. I don't thing anyone seriously believed that it would lead to marriages or great personal revelations or whatever. As dinner programming went, there certainly was much worse.

Interesting postmortem here. Maybe quiet and positive just isn't the type of show that can succeed in America?


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