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Originally Posted by furryman View Post
There's another type of Nickelodeon too. They were simular to player pianos except they were an amalgam of a bunch of different instruments. They had several working models on display at the Lightner Museum. Really neat to watch.
I think these are also known as "orchestreons". There's an old-fashioned soda shop in Columbus, IN that has a few working models:

Zaharakos Ice Cream Parlor -
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I saw the Bugs Bunny cartoon Rabbit Hood today. I've seen it a zillion times since I was a kid, but I think that I just sort of accepted many of the details, which I really noticed for the first time today.

The cartoon is set in medieval England (presumably circa the 13th century, when Robin Hood was supposed to be active). Bugs tries to steal one of The King's carrots, which has an alarm attached to it. This draws the attention of the Sheriff of Nottingham, who, instead of a shotgun, menaces Bugs with a bow and arrow.

The Sheriff wears tights, a puffy set of pantaloons and a collar ruff. Not really appropriate for the period, but believable for later England. What I have tuned out all these years was that he wore a vest more suited to the Old West, complete with a five-pointed star, a set of cowboy boots, a cowboy hat (also with a star), and a handlebar moustache more suited to the 1880s than the 1280s.
I guess that's because he's the Sheriff of Nottingham. The Old West Sheriff of Nottingham.
The makers of the GoPro have to come out with a model called the "Quid"

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