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Originally Posted by Chefguy View Post
Yeah, my bad. The "Family" came under Manson's influence in 1967, but the murders were two years later. Still, the planes were a glaring error.
Yeah, for a film that went so heavily into an accurate historical look the planes should have been a detail they didn't skimp on.
Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.
- C. Darwin
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I watched Jordan Peale's Us this afternoon. I didn't get it.

I didn't really get Get Out when I first saw it either, but I at least enjoyed the ride; figuring out all the subtext after the fact just made it all the better. But Us was just a prolonged Twilight Zone episode that turned into a prolonged pseudo-Zombie Land rip-off and didn't really pay off in the end for me. I knew there was some big twist coming, or at least I hoped there would be, and when it was revealed I realized that my overwhelming sentiment was ... who cares?

Spoiler free because, hell, I just saw it, I don't want to ruin it for someone else, but the ending just wasn't as shocking as the whole rest of the movie was so, what was the point?
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^I 'got' Get Out when I saw it, but I still didn't think it was all that great--not nearly as good as the hype led me to believe it would be. I haven't seen Us, but it seemed to get a lukewarm reception in general.
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I watched General Magic last night. The spouse (who works at Apple) heard about it from a coworker who said it was good. Both of us worked at Xerox in the late '80s, so we're very familiar with the sadness of working for a company that invented amazing, before-their-time things but fumbled monetizing them because they didn't know what they had or people just weren't ready yet.

I thought it was excellent and very interesting, but I don't know how much it would appeal to people who aren't interested in Silicon Valley or computer history.
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I saw the General Magic documentary about a year ago, I think on the Showtime cable channel. Really interesting to see.


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