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TinyWallet 'puter infestation help

I've got an infestation of TinyWallet crap on an older Win7 IBM T43 Thinkpad - running Malwarebytes doesn't catch anything, but running Piriform Defraggler does list loads of TW files that can be manually deleted until it rebuilds new files.

Any recommendations on how to clean off the drive and to prevent new crud returning?

Thanks for any suggestions.
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Nothing other than making a thread on a site like bleepingcomputer's malware help forum, which can walk you through installing various bits of software to get the critter, and also check logs to see it gone. They'll probably also recommend a good, always-running antivirus to keep it away.

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What is tiny wallet and what does it do? (Cuz yanno, I ain't got enough stuff to worry about)
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Background info + removal plan #1: https://malwaretips.com/blogs/tiny-wallet-removal/

Removal plan #2, if necessary: https://malwaretips.com/threads/tiny...removal.38964/

Hope those help,
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