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Originally Posted by Scylla View Post
What does fault have to do with it? You are in the exact same dire situation either way. Your example above makes a big deal about saying the person is blameless. Does his blame change the scenario?

Because in his situation is at least partially a function of his choices, right?
I think blame or culpability is the primary criteria in determining whether one is personally responsible for something. "Is it my fault?"

Originally, I would have answered either "Yes it is my fault, therefore it is my responsibility" or "no, it is not my fault, therefore it is not my responsibility". You convinced me to drop the "no" answer. So now, according to my idea of personal responsibility, if something is my fault, it is almost definitely my responsibility*. If something is not my fault, then fault says nothing about responsibility. I'm not personally responsible but I still might have responsibility for it under some other doctrine.

*still not sure how to handle conflicts between my responsibility for a fault and my responsibility with eg: my dependents

Why does personal responsibility matter at all here? That's where our two sub-threads meet. Let's say you represent society. You get to decide whether I qualify for assistance; whether I am a responsible person, though I claim to be one now; ultimately, whether giving me assistance would be a net good or bad for society. You have to inconvenience a lot of people a little bit to help me. This is a sort of real-life trolley problem and the basis of welfare.

You may be a Stoic but society would collapse if people could not make these kinds of character judgements. You don't have to assume my state of mind, just the facts and history. There's harm and suffering on the line, and inaction is a decision. How do you rule?

Originally Posted by Scylla View Post
Because in his situation is at least partially a function of his choices, right?
Partially, but not necessarily enough to say I am personally responsible for the dire situation. It could have been a single car accident as described upthread.



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