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Hey, kayaker!

Great white shark bites man's kayak in California, leaves behind two massive teeth.

The pair said they were frozen in fear as the great white clamped his teeth onto McDaniel's kayak only inches away from where McDaniel was positioned.

The shark hung on to the kayak for approximately five seconds before letting go and moving on. McDaniel and Chambers said they remained frozen with their paddles out of the water for a while afterwards, just in case it decided to make a return.

The shark didn't return but the two men have bite marks plus two large shark teeth to show for their adventure.
Aren't you glad you live in Pennsylvania?
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Originally Posted by cochrane View Post
Aren't you glad you live in Pennsylvania?
Pennsylvania. Surf's Up!
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Originally Posted by cochrane View Post
...Aren't you glad you live in Pennsylvania?
He's not out of the woods yet. It's entirely possible that he'll be (has been?) mauled by Pennsylvania black bears.
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Or those crazy big mosquitoes. They make grown men cry.
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I was paddling in Hartstown Swamp once when the carp were spawning. Several times huge fish slapped the side of my kayak. I can't even imagine dealing with sharks, although I once saw a huge sea turtle from a SOT kayak in the Caribbean.


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