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What fictional disasters are still upcoming?

It seems like most of the best disasters from science fiction have already come to pass. My childhood favorite was always THE YEAR 1994.

Lucky for us, we still have World War 3 in just a few years, if the Roddenberry oracle is to be believed. What else are we looking forward to?
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We are 10 years away from the Terminator being sent back to kill Sarah Connor. 2029 was the date.
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Judgment Day keeps getting pushed back due to the Connors, mother and son, so depending on what happens in the next movie, it might still be just down the road.
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The Dalek Invasion of Earth isn't until 2150.
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According to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine the US government will start setting up special "Sanctuary Districts" interternment camps to give the homeless and the economically disadvantaged are a place to live starting in the 2020s.
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Funnily enough, I've been rewatching DS9 and that episode is what made me think of this thread.


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