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"Sukki Sukki"

Why did people say it during R&B songs? What does it mean? What is the phrase's derivation?
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Don't know the answer but want to add that Dwight Yoakam uses it too.


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The band Steppenwolf did a song in 1968 called, "Sookie, Sookie."

The lyrics were basically, "Let it all hang out. Sookie, sookie, sookie, sookie, soooo." If you were a teenager you could have heard something suggestive in there.

It had a good beat and you could dance the Watusi to it. Give it a five.

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I always thought it was "silky, silky." Like as in smooth and sensual...

[Chorus: repeat 4X]
Silky! ("Uh!! Ahh silky silky now")
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Originally Posted by Tethered Kite View Post
The band Steppenwolf did a song in 1968 called, "Sookie, Sookie."
Steppenwolf's version was a cover of the original by Don Covay.
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Just a WAG, but two things come to mind: I've heard variations of "sook, sook" used for hog or cattle calling, plus it's a close-enough-for-R&B homophone for "suck it" or something.
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The phrasing is, "Aw sooky sooky now!"

I don't know its etymology. I don't even know what it means, exactly. I just know when it is used. Like, if your friend is telling you a story about an exciting sexual escapade, you might say, "Aw sooky sooky now!" when the tale gets to the juicy parts. Or if you catch your friend coming out of a closet with another friend and they're looking a little tussled and relaxed, you might say, "Aw sooky sooky now!"

Regine on the TV show "Living Single" used to say it a lot, for hilarious effect.
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Groove Me by King Floyd(1970) is probably the 1st usage in pop culture.

Aw sooky sooky now = Some shit is about to go down.

Comedian D.L. Hughley, as host of BET's ComicView, used the phrase whenever he spotted a member of the audience worthy of comedic attention.
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Full metal jacket
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All I know is it seriously cracks people up when an old-ass white woman says it sotto voce during the staff meeting when a new org structure is announced.


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