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Originally Posted by Really Not All That Bright View Post
Yeah, I don't get that either. The administration has (quite cleverly, I might add) decided to own the Obamacare label.
Letters to the Savage Love column used to be preceded by the salutation "Hey Faggot". Just because you're trying to reclaim a phrase doesn't mean it wasn't originally intended as an insult, and still carry some baggage.
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Do I really need to point out the distinctions between "Obamacare" and "faggot"? I'm pretty sure the Obama administration would not claim that "it's only okay when we say it."
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I believe the President has expressed the opinion that he doesn't mind it. Because, 'Obama does care!'

The Republican's are going to regret creating this legacy for him, and branding it so beautifully. In the years ahead, once out of the White House, I believe he will be deeply respected and admired for what he's accomplished with health care.

I think it's hilarious when they histrionically carry on about, 'lefties thinking Obama is a messiah, blah, blah, blah'. The years ahead will be very difficult for them, I believe. I can't wait to hear what they'll say then!
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Originally Posted by Shodan View Post
The NAACP is like the SDMB - they aren't listening to Romney after they find a reason to boo him. ...
So, they only booed what he said the first time and all subsequent booing was purely random?
... The black audience members rained boos on Romney three times during his speech -- first when he said he'd repeal the health law, once when he said Obama's record proves he hasn't done enough on the economy and other matters, and once when he told them that he would be a president who makes the lives of African-Americans better. ...
CMC fnord!


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