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Pete Buttigeig stops releasing bundler names and blocks press from fundraising events

He also says he will not stop taking money from billionaires or corporations.

Here is his response to not letting the press in for fundraising events.

It should also be brought up that back in his city, the law enforcement used pete's donors to get him to fire that black police chief, and in these same records those people were being racist and imitating ebonics.

(Nothing in this thread is inflammatory)
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Are you TRYING to get banned?
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The Moderator Speaks

Barack Obama, you are, clearly, not getting the idea.

You're not on some sort of crusade against the evils of...something.

You're just being annoying.

I am revoking your Great Debates and Elections privileges for one week. You may again post in these fora on 12/17. Defiance of this directive will not go well for you.
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Originally Posted by Barack Obama View Post

(Nothing in this thread is inflammatory)
And nothing in the thread indicated a serious question or position for discussion.
There is no way that the gentleman is going to make it past the primaries or be considered for Vice-President. A post with nothing but dissatisfaction with his positions following the same basic thread minus the overt hostility is not really adding anything to to forum.
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