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Style Issues

I've defaulted to the Straight Dope 3.73 style since the option was offered. I find it easier to read and little more familiar. Now for some reason I'm forced to use the SultanTheme style. If I change the option back SD 3.73, it goes back to Sultan with every new page. Also, my signature seems to be showing up on every post and I can't seem to find the option anymore to keep that from happening.

Any heads up on this?
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The most common cause of this problem is using http instead of https. Check your bookmarks or whatever brings you here and insure that they begin with https.

Also, I haven't personally experienced it, but some users have reported that their choice of skin won't stay unless they go into their user control panel and set it there. If you want to give that a shot, go to User CP (upper left), then Edit Options (about a third of the way down on the left), then select your desired skin with the pull-down menu under Forum Skin at the bottom. Make sure you click on Save Changes at the bottom when you are done.

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Hmm, that seems to have done the trick (the Edit Options route). I just wonder why I had to do that all of a sudden.

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