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Oh, yeah, imagine what he can slap on the label to entice buyers! Naming some exotic cattle breed would be great additional marketing.
I can haz sig line?
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Originally Posted by Long Time First Time View Post
...But don't get Guernseys - they are born looking for a place to die. I almost lost one with only a small hoof abscess.
Huh, that makes me sad. I still have fond memories of the delicious Guernsey milk I had as a kid. My summer camp was a few miles from a Guernsey farm, and we got fresh milk from them twice a day, every day. It was super fresh, of course, but also rich and delicious.
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Originally Posted by Caldris bal Comar View Post
It's way way way easier to burn horn buds off when they're calves than to cut horns off of cows. So much easier that I submit that anyone who voluntarily does the latter is so dumb that that they should leave the business entirely because clearly they can't be trusted to make good animal health decisions.
This was late 60's, early 70's, not sure if methods have changed over the years or not.
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Originally Posted by kayaker View Post
Do owners of small herds do a CMT every day? What's the likelihood that an individual cow will experience mastitis at some point in her productive life? How important is milking hygiene for prevention of mastitis?
There's mastitis that is easy to clear up and basically just annoying and then there's mastitis caused by nasty bugs that are near impossible to clear up. Mycoplasma being the worst of the lot.
So yes, you good great milk hygiene and monitoring daily by using CMT and that will prevent most mastitis and allow early detection when it occurs. But I'd never buy a milking cow if it has Staph or mycoplasma mastitis. That's buying trouble you want no part of.


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