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Originally Posted by CBEscapee View Post
Of course there are spice mixes for certain specific dishes here but they aren't so broad as what taco seasoning implies. And you know what I am talking about when I say trying to narrow tacos down to a certain flavor or recipe is unbelievable to Mexicans. There is no such thing.
Before Mexican food became mainstream in the US, the main familiarity most Americans had with Mexican food was stuff like Ortega tacos and, of course, Taco Bell. And also taco salads. And taco casseroles. A "taco night" at home or tacos served in hot lunches in school were pretty much invariably of this kind of taco. Hard, preformed, corn shell stuffed with seasoned ground beef (or other ground meat, if you prefer), topped with lettuce, tomato, and cheese. Sometimes sour cream.

That is (or at least "was") pretty much the "generic taco" for many Americans. And, while here in Chicago things have changed much over the last 40 years such that I can get everything from pork tacos al pastor to tacos al vapor/tacos de canasta to cochinita pibil to even goat eyeball tacos, I am comforted by the American riff on picadillo tacos for which taco seasoning was made for. Every once in awhile, I just want an 80s-style "taco night" (except I do soft tortillas--don't like those hard shells) with gringo toppings and McCormick's taco seasoning.

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