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Johnny L.A. Johnny L.A. is online now
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I feel like a classical composer...

... with all of the CHOPIN I've been doing!

The wood stack is growing smaller. We've been burning it for a couple/few months now, and we've less than half left. I'll tell you what, it chops a lot easier now that it's drier! That cherry bark is tough, though. I'm finding I have to chop through it to split the wood. It makes great kindling.

Too bad we don't have another falling-down wild cherry tree. It smells good when it burns, like roasting squash.
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picunurse picunurse is offline
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When you split cherry, take a knife and score the bark in a few places. It will split much easier.
My grandfather taught me to use a chain saw and to split wood when I turned 13. I haven't done it in many years, but I do remember that hint.
We'd score the bark while we were taking off the limbs with the saw. We cut the log into fireplace lengths then let it dry for a few months. Much of the bark just fell away by the time we were ready to split.
Good luck.
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Think you can HANDEL all that CHOPIN?
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Originally Posted by Thudlow Boink View Post
Think you can HANDEL all that CHOPIN?
You're going on my LISTZ for that one.
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Piffle. You're just playing CHOPSTICKS.
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Johnny, I hope you're fit enough for all that splitting. You don't want to have BACH problems.
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Don't be silly. Where are we going to find a classical composer at this time of night?
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Johnny L.A. Johnny L.A. is online now
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With enough money, you can get anything any time. Unfortunately, I'm Baroque.


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