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Coloring Book/Workbook/Storybook, Teaching WORD PROBLEM Techniques

Now available as a nicely-sized paperback:

Word problems can be a special challenge for many math learners. This new edition of the popular ebook LC4A and the Big Test adds several new dimensions to the story of the little alien who has concerns about an upcoming math test on word problems. LC's vibrant world serves to introduce concrete, easy-to-apply skills that learners will enjoy mastering.

"Where to begin?" All too often, that is the mental block facing learners dealing with word problems. LC's story offers solid, research-based strategies for getting through that block--while enjoying the process. So that learners won't feel intimidated, the strategies are presented at the second-grade vocabulary level, and are richly illustrated throughout the book.

Ten new word-problem sets provide valuable experience and practice for putting the problem-solving strategies to work. The problem sets have been carefully constructed to expose learners to the full spectrum of word-problem types. This variety will help keep learners interested.

The word-problem types are explained in detail in the useful parent-guide pages. Those pages contain, in addition, tips on enriching and enhancing the word-problem learning process; information about the uses of math manipulatives, and ways to acquire them at no or low cost; and a specific run-down of the types of addition and subtraction word problems that learners can expect to encounter. Handy graphics summarize the top strategies for getting to a solution.

Dozens of fun-to-color illustrations make working through this book pleasant and entertaining, as well as educational. Word problems can be fun to solve: all that learners need is the confidence that they possess a toolkit of strategies and tips ready to apply. This storybook/workbook/coloring book will help give them that confidence.

LC4A and the Big Test: A Math-Story Planet Workbook is available at a modest price at both Createspace and at Amazon. Check out some of the pages through the "Look Inside" feature, at

The CreateSpace page:

A sample of the word problems:


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