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Huge selection of movies.

Okay, so..
I would prefer giving all (or most) of these movies to one person...but if I have to give them all away one or two at a time, I guess that will be fine too. They are all VHS movies.
These movies are all FREE to whoever wants them, although I do ask that you pay all of the shipping and handling, however much it is.
Most of these movies are without covers or sleeves, it's just the VHS tape itself and that's it. Only about four or five movies actually have covers....but all of them work, as far as I know.
There are 29 movies. If the movie has a box (only four of them do), I will say so.

I don't mind giving these all to the same person or dividing them up, although my hope is that one person will take them all. Again, they are free save for however much it costs to ship them to you.
Reply to this or PM me if anyone is interested. First come, first served. If nobody takes them within two weeks, I'm throwing them in the garbage.

Captain Ron
Lost Souls
Blood Moon
Tuff Turf
Twenty Bucks
Hot Dog: The Movie
Spiderman 1 (Sam Raimi version)
Separate Vacations
Hamburger: The Movie
Sliding Doors
A Midsummers Night Sex Comedy
The Bloody Dead
Hollow Man
EDtv (has box)
Saving Silverman
The Truman Show (has box)
Air Force One (has box)
The Umbrella of Chebourg
Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone
Bullets Over Broadway
Patch Adams
10 Things I Hate About You
Bad Influence
My Best Friend's Wedding
Radio Days (has box)
Stir of Echos

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There may be a senior center near you that will take them if they don't get taken. Lots of seniors still have VCRs. Hell, I've got one, but don't use it.
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After I got several opinions from others, my county's recycling guru said it was ok to put them in the recycling "dumpster"-style containers, so I've been depositing most of mine in them over the last 4 months, a box or two at a time, each weekend. Before the tossout, I've enjoyed several of them that I either had watched when I bought them many years ago or since then, or now for the first time. For the first few, I separated the tapes from the sleeves and trashed the cellophane, but later the full kit was dumped into the bin. Poor economic "investments", obviously, though saved lot of movie admission prices. Next to go will be the dvds. Some of the used dvd/vinyl shops in my area deal in them, and the Friends of the Library still take them for their semiannual sales, subsidiary to their used book sales, to which I am also contributing.

BTW I have a Toshiba dual unit player recorder, with vhs and dvd capability, used to have two earlier models that burnt out (figuratively), one in a bedroom.

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