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Originally Posted by Dr. Drake View Post
Arrived in the mail (in Canada). Deposited online to my US credit union: pausing to be grateful for technology.

I'd be more grateful if I could have logged on to the IRS site and given them my direct deposit info. I finally figured it out—they wanted the first 5 / 6 of my Canadian post code (so A1A1A rather than the actual A1A 1A1), but by the time I managed to guess their system, it had already been mailed.
I was able to log in to the IRS site, and was informed that my check had been sent in early May. But a fat lot of good that does me. I get my mail here in Panama at the Smithsonian offices, which is currently closed so I can't pick it up. Even when we do re-open, I'll have to send the check to the US for deposit somehow.

I was hoping that somehow they might deposit it in the bank account where by Social Security payments are deposited, but I don't think IRS and Social Security coordinate much.
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Allegedly they're mailing mine tomorrow.
Old 05-16-2020, 11:13 AM
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I got the letter from Dear Leader today. Addressed to my "DECD" mother (she died two years ago). I plan to tear it up in pieces and put a piece in each poop bag when I pick up my doggie's poop.
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Our (small) stimulus check has appeared in our account. Our small business application appears to be lost in the ether.
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Apparently getting his signature on the paper check they sent me isn't enough. I now also have a letter, paid for no doubt with taxpayers' money.

The letterhead inside says 'The White House', but it arrived in an envelope claiming to be from the IRS, possibly in order to make people open the thing. Doesn't everybody just love getting unexpected mail from the IRS?

It claims "Our top priority is your health and safety" and contonues "As we wage total war on this invisible enemy". News to me. As near as I can tell Trump is trying his best to risk my health and safety by attempting to declare that no such war is necessary.

I'm tempted to write on it "Pelosi made you do it, don't you think we know that?" and mail it back (to the White House, not the IRS), but I'm entirely sure nobody beyond the mail room would read it, so think I'll just toss it in the wood stove instead.
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Still unable to get a status. Federal retiree who filed 2018 and 2019 tax returns but had to pay both years so presumably the IRS will need to get my direct deposit info from OPM. No letter yet from the Cheetoh-in-Chief.


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