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Boris Johnson Coronavirus

Has it ever been reported as to what medications were used in curing the British PM of his coronavirus infection?
Old 05-18-2020, 11:08 PM
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Not that I'm aware of. We expect medical confidentiality, and assume he got what anyone else would have got in that hospital and clinical situation.
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Moved to Quarantine Zone.
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It has been reported that BoJo was not even put on a ventilator. In all the reports I have seen, apart from some experimental trials, C19 patients have all been treated by giving them oxygen. First a simple mask and if they deteriorate, CPAP. Ventilation is a last resort.

I have seen a FOTW documentary where a patient, who was on his last legs, at The Royal Free, was given an experimental retroviral drug (I don't remember which) and the [anecdotal] evidence was that it helped him recover. I consider it highly unlikely that they would have even offered it to BoJo.

For example, The Royal Free had something like 80% of their patients on oxygen at one time. At one point, the trust is caring for 328 COVID-positive patients plus another 94 suspected and they were obliged to reduce the rate that oxygen was administered to conserve supplies. The system was not designed to supply oxygen in such large quantities (up to 15 litres a minute) to so many patients at once. It took a couple of days to install another tank.

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The second part of the BBC documentary - missed the edit:
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They didn't "cure" him. He was treated in ways that would alleviate the symptoms as much as possible, and then the disease ran its course.

COVID-19 is a strange bird. It can crush you like a tin can, not even make its presence known, or present in any number of ways somewhere in between. Too many people are jumping to conclusions about possible treatments when, in fact, the treatment and recovery have no cause/effect relationship whatsoever. It was simply pure coincidence.
"The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance -- it is the illusion of knowledge."
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