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Typist / Data Entry Services Available

Like many workers in the current economy, I am currently between jobs after years of continuous employment, and I am seeking temporary employment as an office worker while I continue my search. I can type 70 WPM and have excellent spelling and grammar, am familiar with a wide range of data entry tasks as well as standard word processing, I can file and duplicate, answer phones and reply to emails, and I multitask well.

I am a self-starter with a solid record of dependably showing up on time, rarely being absent, and working energetically on whatever tasks require attention.

Unless you are set up so as to be able to make use of a remote worker who telecommutes, my availability is limited to Long Island, Queens, and Manhattan.


• I am comfortable with the desktop and server versions of MacOS and Windows.

• Word processing — I am familiar with Word as well as less-common word processors and can compose/edit business letters as per conventional practice, with speed and accuracy. I type a tested rate in excess of 70 words per minute and can type from copy, from recorded dictation, or compose from notes.

• Database skills — I have done data entry in several standard form-based database systems, and have a long professional history as a database designer in FileMaker Pro; I know SQL as well.

• Spreadsheets — I have set up multi-sheet workbooks for tasks such as charting available vacation days where allocations differ by seniority and position, and tasks involving graphing, and done data entry, in Excel and Lotus 123 and several other similar products.

• Web, Email, and other Internet — I have handled correspondence to/from multiple email accounts and automated filtering for same; familiar with all major browsers and can use FTP and other protocols.

• Filing and Organizing — I have organized multi-drawer cabinets with software cross-referencing indices for quick finding according to multiple keyword or subject as well as simply alphabetical.

• Telephone Skills — I am courteous and take detailed notes for expedited follow-through and documentation of telephone-based transactions.

Contact me via PM or through my contact info stored in my profile.

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