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Why we are experiencing so many technical problems on the board.

Copied from my original announcement, apparently not everyone has seen this.

We are well aware your user experience has gone from occasionally bad to bad too much of the time. You're really hating 502/504 and the words GATEWAY ERROR.

This is so not what you signed up, what you paid for. We get that too.

The current software is in its death throes and thrashing around. And then dropping stuff. And occasionally just throwing its tiny hands up and checking out altogether in fits and starts.

It's going to be hit and miss here until we move on to what's next.

Which is not going to be an overnight thing; upgrading/migrating to another platform is not a think about it today and do it tomorrow kind of thing; there's process and preparation that must come before you can be presented with what's next.

This will also include testing of the new before it's open to the rest of the world.

So ... it's going to be stinky for a while.

Some times it will be easier than others. Sometimes it will be unbearable. Management is dealing with this as swiftly as possible, which I and they admit is not as fast as you would prefer it.

It is going to change for the better. But it's going to take a few red hot minutes before we get there. Not today. Not next week. Probably not next month.

This is a journey, not a sprint. Sorry to say.

I wish I had a better message for you. But that's the reality of where we are now.

Help IS on the way. But it ain't here yet. We ask for your patience as we move towards the New and Improved Straight Dope Message Board, coming soon to a cyberspace near you.

When I have information I will share it with you. When I don't know I will tell you that too.

Let's get through this together. We WILL triumph over old cranky software. If it was a horse we'd take it behind the barn and shoot it. But it's all we got for right now until that new pony shows up.

your humble TubaDiva
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