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Free shelves in Chicago (time sensitive). Pictures and measurements in post.

Hi, I posted in MPSIMS about moving and the time is almost on us. We have several hand-built shelves custom-built for various media. We're taking some to our new home but can't take all, or even most of them with us. We'd love them to go to people who can use them. We're moving this Friday, which is why it's time-sensitive. We don't have a car, let alone a truck, so you'd have to come pick them up. We'd be wearing masks and gloves and ask that you do the same. Thank you.

Here's what I just posted in my MPSIMS thread.

Originally Posted by Equipoise View Post
Anyway, shelves? Anyone? If so please send a private message. They were built as a labor of love. Finally, we lived in a place where we could fill up almost every available inch of wall space with shelves. We've never had a car in the 30 years we've lived in Chicago, so my husband took a bus multiple times to a 24-hr Home Depot and brought back wood planks and plywood. On a bus. In the middle of the night to not be a bother to other riders. 16 tall shelves' worth of wood. He's amazing.
My husband posted photos of the shelves on another board, but I don't think you can look at that listing unless you are a member. Here's what he posted, and links to photos:


A: Cassette shelf. Holds an obscene quantity of audio cassettes. 106" high, 45 1/2" wide, 18 shelves each 5 " high, 3 1/2" deep.

(That Forum forbid anyone posting anything for free, or even negotiable. It's a pain.)

We wish to be free of these things, and really want someone within driving distance of our area (Albany Park, end of the Brown Line) to give these things a good home.

B, C & D:

DVD/VHS shelves 94" high by 35 1/2" wide, 10 shelves each 8 and 1/4 inches high.

These are perfect for holding VHS, S-VHS, D-VHS, DVDs and BluRays.

A weird shelf that was built to go over the return air duct so it doesn't have as many lower shelves. Built to fit between B, C, D and the upcoming CD shelves.

E: DVD/VHS shelves 94" high by 35 1/2" wide 9 shelves each 8 and 1/4 inches high

F & G:

CD shelves. 94" high, 35 1/2" wide, 14 shelves each:

H,I and J,K

VHS/DVD/BluRay shelves.

All 4 are 106" high

H & I are 35 1/2" wide

J & K are 45 1/2 height

All are 6 in deep, 12 shelves


Hardbound book shelf 94 in high, 37 1/2" wide. 8 shelves each 10 and a half inches high, 7 and 1/4 inches deep.

M, the last and hopefully the most desirable.

LP shelves

10 FEET long, two LPs high.

Since the "LP" format seems to be so popular with the kids these days...

Please, come and take these off our hands!

We need to be out of here on Saturday, so we do NOT have much time.


If you make all of these go away (with the exception of the LP one, because one person on the other Forum said "maybe" and my husband has to make it possible for him first) you can have all of them for free.

Here's some photos of our building them in 2003.


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