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Governors "forcing" nursing homes to take COVID-19+ patients

This has been the latest Conservative bugaboo in the Northeast: PA, NY and NJ governors (all evil Democrats, of course) "signed orders" that "forced" nursing homes to take COVID-19 positive patients from hospitals, and that's why so there's been so many outbreaks in the facilities, they say.

Adding to the insidious plot, Pennsylvania's Health Secretary removed her 95 year old Mom from a nursing home before packing them in with infectious patients, why the hypocrisy:

I immediately am suspicious even more so because someone was posting a false story about this, though the New York Times has an article about the problem:

From what I can gather:

-The patients were medically "stable"

-The patients had no where else to go, and the hospital bed was needed for someone else

-In New York at least, facilities could refuse a patient if they demonstrated they did not proper safety procedures in place; however some did not and took them anyway because of the money they would get paid

-There's no proof that these patients passed the virus on the other residents of the nursing home

-Anyone with the legal authority to do so has the right to move their relatives out of a nursing home at any time. Was the Health Secretary required to let her mother get sick and die?

And at the end of the day, shouldn't a nursing home have proper safety procedures in place anyway if they are doing their job? The hospitals do!

And yes I get there were and continue to be problems with safety, at the end of the day what else can you do with the patients?

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Originally Posted by Andy L View Post
Since there is already a thread on this, let's close this one.
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