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Vintage Pulp Science Fiction Publication, three stories

Hi, Iím looking for a back issue of a pulp science fiction publication I bought at a used comic store years ago when I was a boy, but I canít remember the name or issue date, but judging by the artwork and stories it was sometime in the 30ís or early 40ís. It may have been Amazing Stories, Astounding Stories, Thrilling Wonder Stories or something else. However, I distinctively remember three stories with illustrations:
  • One story centred about some sort of timeslip, or time distortion or time out of sequence; possibly controlled by an alien. I recall a man who works some office job goes back or forward in time by a few days. I remember a charcoal or pencil drawing of The Ancient of Days by William Blake (the alien) and other of the man fallen on the ground.
  • Another story was about a space explorer possibly on Mars or Venus who discovers a race of (possibly ant-like) male aliens with three arms, the third sprouting from the center of their chests to hold a shield. A queen controls them, but I cannot remember how the story ends, but I seem to recall he had to rescue her from a revolt. I did not finish it. I remember it was also illustrated.
  • A story at the back was about a hypothetical visit to Pluto (or possibly Neptune). It was about a possible encounter if an explorer visited the planet and the race of beings they would likely discover. I remember it described this alien with thick fur and heavy beard and moustache to protect him from the cold. I still remember a drawing of him sitting on his throne with some kind of sceptre.
  • The cover of the issue was dark with a rocket or two on it if memory serves me well.
Iíd sure be happy to find this issue either physically or in electronic form. Iíve tried many of the pulp fiction sites including Cover Browser, Vintage Pulps,, Speculative Fiction Database, The Ultimate Science Fiction Web Guide, The Online Books Page and with no success. Iíve tried searching all publications with time and Pluto as the keyword with dead-end results. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

I have confirmed these stories are not in the following issues (as they resemble the cover I remember):
  • Amazing Stories Quarterly Spring 1928
  • Amazing Stories Oct 1931
  • Amazing Stories Sep 1934
  • Amazing Stories Apr 1935
  • Amazing Stories Oct 1935
  • Amazing Stories Oct 1936
  • Amazing Stories Dec 1939
  • Amazing Stories Aug 1940
  • Amazing Stories Oct 1942
  • Astounding Stories Jul 1937
  • Astounding Science Fiction Jul 1938
  • Thrilling Wonder Stories Dec 1936
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I have the Day Index, which has the contents of every sf magazine from 1926 - 1950, but it does not include plot summaries. If you can remember the authors of at least one of the stories, I could check, or if you have a few dates I can tell you the contents of those magazines.

This site has all the Amazing covers - I suspect the parent page has the covers of the other magazines too.
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The Squire Of Gothos The Squire Of Gothos is offline
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I was only ten or eleven years old, with a passing fancy to pulp science fiction. I would not have paid attention to the authors. That site you mention is familiar, and I believe is a resource I used previously to narrow down my search. Other than that, all I can provide is what I have already. Thanks anyway.
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Posts: 30,857 has just about every Golden Age issue of Amazing and all the other sf pulps. You can read them online or download them as pdf's or in other formats.
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The Squire Of Gothos The Squire Of Gothos is offline
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Just about, except what I am looking for. Archive was what I used to narrow my list. Thanks for the try.


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