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"Life Imitates Art"

Beautiful, clever, uplifting photos. Something to brighten your day.

The photographer does not stage these-- he just keeps his eyes open and snaps them.
Photographer Stefan Draschan loves visiting museums, and over the past few years he has observed some striking similarities between the artwork and the people admiring it.

Maybe their clothing matches the colors or the patterns on the artwork. Maybe it’s their hair that matches.

Or perhaps they share a similar pose or theme.

“There’s always something. This world is full of magic,” said Draschan, who has been photographing these scenes since 2015. The best are compiled in a new book, “Coincidences at Museums.”
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Lovely, thanks !
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That's really amazing.
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Wonderful! What a great idea by the photographer! I especially liked the elderly gentleman supported with his walking cane looking at Caspar David Friedrich's "Der Wanderer im Nebelfeld".
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This was outstanding. Think about the patience it took for something like this.


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