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A couple of people have mentioned Dick Tracy. I'm surprised it's not more popular. It's the only newspaper comic I still read.

Online comics: I don't think anyones mentioned Grrl Power yet.

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Originally Posted by furryman View Post
A couple of people have mentioned Dick Tracy. I'm surprised it's not more popular. It's the only newspaper comic I still read.
I know that Dick Tracy was revitalized in 2011, when a new creative team started on the strip, and they re-introduced a lot of the classic characters and themes. That said, that change happened after several decades of decline for the strip (IMO), and I don't know how successful they've been at attracting new (or returning) readers.
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I love Bloom County (new and old).

The only one I read every day is Luann. I've been reading it for years and it's kind of embarrassing how invested I am in the lives of those characters, but keeps me off the streets.

I've met Greg Evans several times at SDCC and he's a nice guy. So is Berkeley Breathed.
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Originally Posted by Hatchie View Post
I liked Monty, formerly Robotman, but the Globe dropped it.
Monty is on my GoComics feed. Itís not my favorite ó God, that UGLY art ó but it manages to be amusing about twice a week. Pretty good record for contemporary syndicated strips.
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Re: Today's "Pooch Cafe."

The phrase "worshipping the porcelain god" does not mean this.

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In 2018 Guy Gilchrist, who had authored this comic strip in whole or in part for over twenty years, retired from producing the comic. It went on hiatus for two months, then was restarted by Olivia Jaimes (a pseudonym), who is the first female author of the strip. She has been producing it daily since then, plus Sunday editions.

It is crazily good. The main character is described by Jaimes as "the Nancy I know and love is a total jerk and also gluttonous and also has big feelings and voraciously consumes her world". There are fourth-wall breaking jokes, art jokes, jokes that play around with the comic medium, jokes about modern technology that you haven't heard a dozen times before. It's really amazing what she's done with the source material.

Whether or not you ever liked the previous incarnation of the strip, this one is worth reading.
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I've just discovered Phoebe And Her Unicorn.

One thing I love about it is that it avoids the cliches of "only our heroine can see the magical creature", "we have to keep the magical creature a secret", and "grownups think heroine is just imagining the creature". Those are nice, but they've been done to death. Instead, Phoebe's family and friends can see and interact with Marigold and are totally chill with her existence. (Marigold later reveals she casts a "shield of boringness" that makes people think of her as perfectly normal.) Other magical creatures, like goblins and dragons, exist as well...and again, everyone's completely cool with them.
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Ess: I agree that the new Olivia-generated Nancy blows the Gilchrist effort out of the water. But I found the two-month basketball story downright painful.


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