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Sex Education on Netflix is great and Gillian Anderson is, as always, perfect.
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Originally Posted by Sunny Daze View Post
The Expanse is solid sci-fi. Occasionally intense, but not post-apocalyptic dark.
Not dark, but not light either; more intense and stressful than anything else.

I will say that the showrunners have missed their boat by not playing up the comic relief that's in the books; they've made Amos an almost autistic and childlike grim character, when in the books he's both more congenial AND more scary than in the TV show. And Avasarala; well, they won't broadcast most of what makes her hilarious in the books.

re: Altered Carbon- Unless the TV show is significantly different than the book, it's also not a lighthearted story either- it's intensely interesting and thought-provoking, but there's not a lot of light moments in there.
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Maybe Shameless?
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I used to enjoy watching dark intense shows built around morally unlikable characters like the Sopranos and Breaking Bad, but I've found my tolerances for those kind of shows, except in short doses has really declined in the past two years. I'm also not a huge fan of the traditional sitcom, which is also not a good format for binging.

I would add to recommendations for the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Detectorists, Death In Paradise, and Legends of Tomorrow.

I've always been a big animation buff, and I've been watching (and re-watching)a lot of cartoons, which obvious tend toward the light side.

-She-Ra and The Princesses of Power: I'm a child of the 80s, but I hated He-Man and never watched She-Ra. However, this is a pretty solid and fun show so far, with good interplay among the characters.

-Hilda: Another Netflix show. Utterly charming light-hearted urban fantasy set in picturesque Northern Europe.

-The Dragon Prince: Another Netflix show, from the Avatar:The Last Airbender team It's setting up to be as big Western fantasy epic.
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Originally Posted by blondebear View Post
If you want a low-key, feel good comedy, I highly recommend Detectorists.
Highly, highly recommend.
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I have two theories that contradict each other: The first is that things were feeling so uplifting and good that people needed darker shows, and shows haven't caught up to people feeling down.

The second is that people, particularly the millennial demo everyone goes for, are feeling down, and so we want darker stuff.

Either way, I totally agree with you, and my result is just that, when I do watch actual TV instead of Interent content, it's all pretty much comedies and kids shows. The darkest stuff I watch are the late night TV shows do to them having to discuss the real life news.

It's Internet video with people I like that I usually wind up watching. But that would be another thread.

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Schitt's Creek is my current favorite show that's not heavy. Older seasons are on Netflix and new ones are airing on Pop, I believe.
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Originally Posted by Terminus Est View Post
Let me put it this way: The third season began with them receiving a quest from the Great Cock (and a magnificent creature he was, too). After many misadventures, the penultimate solution required them to come together to sing Under Pressure. The stakes are high and there are many Bad Things that happen, death and dismemberment and worse, but that makes the Good Things so much better and the Ridiculous Things that much more ridiculous.
...well let me put it this way: a couple of funny scenes (that I had already seen on youtube) aren't necessarily indicative of tone, and it would take a lot more than what you've shown here to bring me back to the series. If I have to sit through death and dismemberment and
to be rewarded with a few ridiculous things then I'll give it a pass.
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Why is everything so dark?

Have you tried Rosehaven? Mrs Piper binged it and I watched some of it. Enjoyed it.

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I'd recommend Doc Martin and Murdoch Mysteries.

A Series of Unfortunate Events poses as dark and depressing - the narrator constantly tells you that terrible things are going to happen and that you should definitely watch something else - but it's actually very silly and campy. If nothing else it's worth watching for Neil Patrick Harris' performance as Count Olaf.
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Originally Posted by davidm View Post
A Series of Unfortunate Events poses as dark and depressing - the narrator constantly tells you that terrible things are going to happen and that you should definitely watch something else - but it's actually very silly and campy. If nothing else it's worth watching for Neil Patrick Harris' performance as Count Olaf.
I'll second this.
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A lot of the common trend to darkness is due to overcompensation from the years television was considered the bottom of the entertainment world. Now that television is considered the hip media, simply being entertaining is not enough. To be taken seriously, every show must be (or seem to be) dealing with the deepest fears and themes.
Plus the contemporary media climate factors in too. With the Nielsen ratings virtually useless these days, tweets/blogs/Facebook posts are the most important way to measure a show's popularity. And guess what, people are not going to have a big social media reaction to conventional shows with self contained episodes. Nor will they have big reactions to shows with relatively low risk cliffhangers/plot lines. No, it's got to be death of name characters to move the needle.
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We started to watch There She Goes with David Tennant.

Listed as a comedy-drama. Nope. Full on downerville.

Barely made it thru 1 episode.

Increasingly the phrase "dark comedy" just means "no comedy at all".
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Originally Posted by Sunny Daze View Post
Lucifer is fun.
I would definitely second Lucifer, it sounds like it would be a fairly serious show, but it's definitely fun and has a lot more light moments than dark. And you really look forward to the dark ones where Lucifer gets to spread his wings.
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Try "Atypical" on Netflix. It's a family drama/comedy series that deals sensitively with Autism. There's been two season so far, and the cast is great. I also recommend "Sex Education" and "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt". The latter has a dark premise, but really is very light (abnormally so, which is part of its charm).


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