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Madam Secretary

Okay, this show with Tea Leoni has been touched on in that other thread about the lead actress, but perhaps it should have its own.

I haven't watched network TV in several years, as most of the offerings have been total shite, but most anything with Keith Carradine is watchable, so we figured what the hell. I didn't hold out much hope for Leoni, but she did a credible (if not overwhelming) job in the opener. The supporting cast is all-around very good, particularly Željko Ivanek as the president's chief of staff. They've added some inside intrigue, which is probably the one reason I'll catch a couple more episodes on the DVR to see where it goes.

Anybody else?
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I'll give it a watch. I also wanted to say, props as always for Geoffrey Arend for usurping the Billy Joel/Christie Brinkley award for Goofiest-looking Guy with a Hot Wife.
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I'm mainly familiar with Tea Leoni from her co-starring role as William H. Macy's wife in Jurassic Park III, a movie I've seen so much that I went from indifference, to actively despising the thing, to thoroughly enjoying it in a campy sort of way. My kids were really into it for a few years when they were middle-schoolish aged. She also had a role in A League of Their Own, another movie I've seen a bazillion times.

I keep comparing her to the woman who played the secretary of state in the House of Cards with Kevin Spacey. She doesn't seem to have quite the gravitas as Catherine Durant, played Jayne Atkinson, late of Criminal Minds. Trivia: She is married to Michael Gill, who played the president on House of Cards.
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I have misgivings about the conspiracy subplot. I'd frankly prefer it if the place crash that killed the former secretary turned out to just be an accident, and the death of the paranoid nutcase CIA analyst happened because he fell asleep at the wheel after three days of taking uppers because he was, well, a paranoid nutcase.
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Well, at least Željko Ivanek played a bad guy. All is right with the world.
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Yeah, he's never done THAT before.
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I think it's about time we have a show about a strong independent woman in a traditionally male-dominated profession
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I'll give it a 5 out of 10. It isn't terrible. I'll give it a go for a few weeks.
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Originally Posted by Captain Amazing View Post
Well, at least Željko Ivanek played a bad guy. All is right with the world.
In the meantime, he played a corrupt small-town cop in "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" and I almost didn't recognize him because his hair was dyed blond, probably to make him look somewhat younger.

I bumped this zombie thread because I've seen both of the new episodes this season, and now that she's Madam President, this program has run its course.

It doesn't help that several major characters, her middle child being one of them, have been written out of the show.
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Still watching - pretty much out of habit. Not sure why. Doubt we'll finish this final season.
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I am still watching with moderate avidity. "Ordinary decent person suddenly elevated to the Oval Office does her best" is a hard role to play, but Tea seems to manage it.

It seems rather to have started in the middle, where she is already President and we see the campaign in flashbacks. In media res is a time-honored epic convention, but I was worried that I missed an episode.

Blue Bloods and Madame Secretary are almost the only two network shows I make it a point to watch. And still find it worth the effort.

I am worried that they will come up with plot ideas just because it is the last season, and she will be assassinated in the series finale or something. The new Chief of Staff is three episodes away from a heart attack. Maybe Henry will die heroically saving the country, and then she will gain New Strength to Carry On.

Sure, it's a soap opera. Why not? It's still fun for me.

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I love this show. I love Tea Leoni. I love Tim Daly (and have since Wings). I love the rest of the characters...well, OK, Matt and Daisy can each be super annoying, but on the whole they're alright. I even love the kids.

I like that they didn't change the name of the show, but that you see the title "Madam Secretary" flip to "Madam President" during the opening credits.

Originally Posted by Shodan View Post
Sure, it's a soap opera. Why not? It's still fun for me.


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