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You giving up Omni?
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Nah, just got into the weekend an decided to watch football instead of write about it, I'll wrap up the evaluations soon.
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OK, here's some more of the recaps. Sucks that I'm doing these after week one, but I think it ended up giving me more to ramble on about. I got a little wordy in these I think. Anyways, keep in mind that while these were written after game one, I didn't really spend much time looking at players week 1 stats. The guys that made the highlight reels and PTI I know about, but there's probably a few guys here that I killed as being useless who put up 15+ fantasy points in week 1.Overall, I think most of the comments will still hold over the balance of a season though.

CarMenace (Nurse Carmen)

QB – Eli Manning, Tarvaris Jackson
Wish I’d have been able to kill this group prior to week one so I could have bragged about how right I was. Technically Eli was pretty damn good, I expected him to flop on his merits, not on an injury, but the net is about the same, a wasted draft pick and a desperate QB situation. For the record, if those mixed reports on Eli’s health are true and he’s back in a week or two, my prediction stands. This guy, under Coughlin and without Tiki, is going to have a very pedestrian year. Don’t be fooled by those week 1 numbers. And Tarvaris Jackson is Tarvaris Jackson, worth the keeper, but if he’s starting for you this season you are in trouble.

RB – Travis Henry, Laurence Maroney, Warrick Dunn, Rueben Droughns
This group would cause me a lot of concern. I didn’t really see the Denver game, so I’m not sure what Henry did, but having a Denver back as your #1 is a terrible situation to be in. Certainly they always produce a stud, but Shanahan never hints at who that stud will end up being and it seems like it’s usually not the guy who is the front-runner at the start of the season (and the guy in week 2 might not be the guy in week 12). Could be great, but it could flop too. Maroney looks like he might be sharing more of his carries than originally forecast, which could be good so that he doesn’t wear down again, but it could also mean he’ll lose a lot of goalline chances. I’ve said before that Dunn is going to have a huge drop off this year, and the Vick implosion will do nothing to help this team’s running game as a whole, so he’s not likely worth a 5th rounder. Droughns is tough to evaluate, he was demoted but then Jacobs gets dinged. Tough to justify a 9th rounder on him though. As group, I think you are going to be hurting for carries, ergo points.

WR – Randy Moss, Hines Ward, Devery Henderson, Bobby Wade, Lance Moore, Steve Smith
Love what Moss was able to do, prior to week 1 I was very shaky on him. I think one big game is just that, one game. Still, you can put aside the questions about him missing the preseason at least and it’s realistic to think he’ll justify that 3rd round selection. Hines Ward, with Big Ben looking awesome, also saw his stock skyrocket in week 1. Henderson and Moore have potential if the New Orleans offense recaptures last seasons magic but both could flop as young WRs are apt to do. The performance against the Colts doesn’t exactly bolster your confidence in them breaking out with huge years though. Bobby Wade led the Vikes WRs with 1 catch for 23 yards this week. Nuff said.

TE – Heath Miller, Zach Miller
Another guy with a pair of TEs. I’ve reconsidered my earlier comments on the upsides to having 2 TEs. Playing matchups is very rarely a exact science with this position. TE scores are so incredibly random and just about anyone can have a 100 yard game followed by a zero catch game. Drafting a pair is almost never a wise choice, drafting two mediocre ones is utterly pointless.

K – Nate Kaeding
A top tier kicker for sure, but in the 10th round? When there are still #1 WRs available?

DEF – Minnesota
They put up some big points in week one. I think the odds of this continuing are pretty good. They wear terrific last year, and so long as the offense can keep them out of desperate situations, they will be very productive. Again, Wade led their team with 1 catch for 23 yards……so that might be too much to ask for.

Keeper Outlook – Tarvaris Jackson, Steve Smith….and that’s about it.

Overall – I don’t love this team. Indeed the performances of both Moss and Ward raised my perception a little bit, but I’m not going to automatically assume that either of those outcomes will become a realistic week-to-week standard. The running back group has a limited ceiling and a huge potential downside. The QB situation is bleak. If Eli is back close to 100% soon, he’ll have to continue to play like Peyton for the balance of the season to get this team into contention. Anyone like those odds…….anyone?

4th & 19 (Wilson)

QB – Vince Young, Phillip Rivers
The guy loves him some young QBs. I can’t recall seeing that draft strategy on any of the FFL blogs or cheat sheets. For as successful as Young was in the win-loss column last season, his number weren’t elite. He had 15 turnovers and another 9 fumbles that the offense recovered and I think his 50% completion rate will haunt him once offenses start game planning for him. His WR corps are pretty spartan and injury is a nagging concern. Rivers is a little safer play, but has less upside. Outside of Gates, his WRs were pretty bad in week one with several drops. Even though the Chargers offense should be excellent I’m not expecting Rivers to have consistently big numbers, the words “game manager” seem to apply.

RB – Reggie Bush, Edgerrin James, Marion Barber III, Michael Pittman
Good-bad-good-bad. Love Bush, but he’s not the 9th overall pick so long as Deuce remains the Saints go-to guy in short yardage. I expect a handful of monster games and a handful of games he disappears mixed into some average ones, not a model of fantasy consistency. Hate Edge, the guy has no o-line and a potentially pass happy offense, especially around the goal line. On MNF Shipp was getting quite a few touches to boot. Love Barber, the Cowboys will run the ball and he will get all the goal line touches. With Parcells gone he may not be the teachers pet anymore, but his role will be bigger than last season, which was pretty big. Hate Pittman, but then again you took him in the 13th round so that’s not really an indictment. As a matter of fact, his stock has risen a ton over recent weeks making that pick a terrific value. The fact remains, that if he’s seeing frequent starts in your lineup you have issues.

WR – Andre Johnson, Chris Chambers, Derrick Mason, Drew Bennett
Love, love, love Johnson in that Houston offense this year. I have him in all my league except for this one and that week one performance comes as no surprise to me. He and Schaub will become this season’s Losman-to-Evans connection. Chambers is trying to take Fred Taylor’s title as the player who has disappointed the most fantasy owners in a career. No reason he breaks out this year, who’s throwing to him again? Old-man Mason plays in what looks to be a once-again atrocious Ravens offense, so unless McNair’s last 5 games are an aberration Mason is going to suffer. Bennett moving to the Rams offense should be an excellent fit, but he’s never stayed healthy and put up big numbers yet. Until further notice, this looks to be a one-man group.

TE – Todd Heap, Owen Daniels
Again with the 2 TEs. Baffling. Heap is one of the best, but he sure cocked-up that final play last night. Wonder if that will stick with him and act as motivation from here on in. He too will suffer is McNair continues his utter and complete implosion, but struggling QBs tend to lean on TEs, especially elite ones with plays intended for them, so it might not end up hurting him too much. Owen Daniels, whoopie.

K – Adam Vinatieri, Jason Elam
2 Kickers too. Novel concept. This team practically looks like an autodraft. These are very good ones, but do you honestly expect to ever have Vinatieri on your bench? You honestly couldn’t think of a potential keeper with that 14th rounder?

DEF – New England, New York Jets
2 Defenses too! If Seymour ever gets back this Pats D could be dominant. As it is they are damn good against the run and have always been good at forcing turnovers. They should make the Jets Ds utterly superfluous, which effectively diminishes the value of the Pats D since you used two draft picks to fill a position that only required one.

Keeper Outlook – Rivers and Young again I suppose.

Overall – Really think this team made some mistakes in the draft. Getting 2 solid if unspectacular QBs (both with break out potential) with late keeper picks, and them having keeper potential again, insulated some of those problems though. Collectively you have a very capable RB situation but you probably can’t rely on them for automatic points out of your 3 RB slots, which is unfortunate since I don’t see you getting production from 3 of those WRs. The week one roster you’ll be starting is as formidable as anyone’s, but doubling up on the ancillary positions killed your WR depth and any hope of finding a difference making keeper. As the season plays out I think this team will get weaker and with so many key players liable to completely disappear on any given week you could find yourself losing some games you shouldn’t, best hope those aren’t playoff games.

Solomon Mundi (Spiritus Mundi)

QB – Peyton Manning, Matt Leinart
Crap that’s an awesome pair. Manning is the horse and every week starter of course and will need to carry this team. Safe bet he will. However, one cannot overlook how nicely Leinart fits as a backup. Many people think he could break out this year, but in all likelihood he’ll be inconsistent. He’s going to always have a chance at a big game, and should Manning get hurt, you’ll need that kind of good fortune to recover. If you are going to live and die with your starting QB, having a game manager at backup does you no good. Sure, a guy like Pennington or Cutler will consistently put up 12-15 points each week when you need them, but if your team counts on getting 25+ out of Manning each week to win that’s pointless. Having Leinart, who might put up 25+ at any point with those WRs gives you a fighting chance if Peyton is out.

RB – Clinton Portis, DeShaun Foster, Kevin Jones, Dominic Rhodes, Mike Anderson
Now we see the price he’s paid to get Peyton. And we see why he’s going to have to rely on him for 25+ points each week. There’s no chance he’ll have a flex RB from this group and both Portis and Foster could find themselves hurt and/or on the wrong side of a timeshare very early in the season. Jones avoided the PUP list, so you dodged a bullet there, but few expect him back at 100% soon, not that he has been that good at 100% recently anyways. Rhodes and Anderson will need some real good fortune to do anything useful, though they could be used as trade bait to teams wanting them as handcuffs early in the season.

WR – Darrell Jackson, Braylon Edwards, Isaac Bruce, Wes Welker, Ernest Wilford
This group has major questions. Jackson is not a guy I’d like to have as my WR1. I realize drops don’t hurt fantasy line-ups, but you can be sure you were throwing things in your living room when he blew that deep TD pass yesterday. Eventually that will erode Smith confidence in him and with Frank Gore the Niners aren’t likely to be throwing too often in the red zone, especially to guys with the drops. I like Edwards quite a bit, but the news of the release of Charlie Frye really makes you question how much value he’s likely to have this season. Frye used to force him the ball on occasion, its unclear what his replacement will do. This is just going to be a bad offense at least in the immediate future. The Reverend is aging like Dorian Gray and the Rams have brought in Bennett to effectively replace him, the days of the greatest show on turf appear to be long gone to the chagrin of Marc Bulger owners. Welker was a brilliant pick up and after teams see game tape of Moss scorching the Jets on Sunday you can bet they’ll be doubling him and keeping those safeties deep, which means that Welker is going to have tons of easy catches in the middle with lots of room for YAC. I like Wilford and he’s essentially won the #1 WR job making him a excellent value, but the Jags passing game is so spotty I’m not sure he’ll do you much good for a while.

TE – Antonio Gates, Greg Olsen
Finally a 2 TE situation I can get my mind around. Gates is going to start every game of course, but Olsen has a very good chance of become a terrific keeper value. It may be a challenge carrying him on your bench all season long assuming Gates is healthy. Considering you invested so much in Gates having a backup better than the usual waiver wire fodder is probably a defensible move, so if you are going to back him up you do it with a guy who you can have as a keeper. Well played.

K – Shayne Graham
He’s going to be good but he’s hurt. Will be interesting how that shakes out.

DEF – Philadelphia
They are always one of the best in FFL, they turn the ball over and get sacks at a rate which makes them somewhat better as a fantasy defense than a IRL defense. They play a lot of shaky QBs which makes them even more appealing.

Keeper Outlook – Olsen, Wilford, Welker, Leinart, Edwards, Jones…..yikes.

Overall – This was a very smartly assembled team, generally he got decent value out of each pick, but there’s little question that drafting so late had it’s price. The choice to go with Manning in the first round is always a double edged sword, and in a deep keeper league it makes more sense than usual. He’ll have to be good enough, along with Gates, to offset the potential of a morass at the RB position. Supposed experts all predicted DeAngelo Williams and Ladell Betts would have superior numbers to Portis and Foster, if they are right you are unquestionably screwed. If they are half right, you are probably screwed. If you’d found a TD vulture as one of your RB3 or RB4s instead of ambulance chasers I’d have been more optimistic. Also, if you are going to struggle at RB you want to have at least one consistent option at WR1, which you don’t have. If you had Peyton, Gates and a Lee Evans/Andre Johnson type at WR1 I’d have you in the top tier of teams, but with Jackson and the chances that both your RB1 and RB2 could be pigs I have to downgrade you quite a bit.

My team is next. Going to take a little break before doing my self evaluation, and I need to send some waiver claims for the Auction league. Enjoy.
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Originally Posted by Omniscient
2 Kickers too. Novel concept. This team practically looks like an autodraft.
It was. Wilson was the guy who couldn't make the draft and tried to target his keepers to autodraft in the correct rounds. (And that went about as well as could reasonably be hoped.)
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Yup, I was the autodrafting one. I was there just for round 1, where I went off my board and took Bush (I had Brown and McGahee preranked right above him). Not sure why I did that... a little of a crapshoot, but neither Brown or McGahee really excited me.

I hate Yahoo's autodraft, it's SO predicatable. Fill all the starting positions first. That's why I took NE and Vinatieri so soon. And then it looks like the autodraft logic had me draft a backup for every position, not something I would have done if I had been there.

You have to give me some credit for managing to get Vince Young in the correct round from my pre-draft rankings, though!

All in all, it went as well as I could have suspected. I was pretty sure it would go RB-RB-RB-WR-WR-TE, can't say I was disappointed to get Heap in round 5 instead. I'm thrilled to get Barber as my #3, and Andre Johnson in round 4. Chambers in round 6 bugs me, I don't remember ranking him that high. I can't see anyone I would have definitely wanted before him, though. But with Mason and Bennett I think I've got options at the #2 WR spot.

My keeper prospects stink - I can't keep Rivers, already having kept him twice. Young in round 7 looks to be the only likely candidate, perhaps Bennett if he surprises.

Hopefully my Deuce McAllister voodoo doll will work....
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Originally Posted by Ellis Dee
It was. Wilson was the guy who couldn't make the draft and tried to target his keepers to autodraft in the correct rounds. (And that went about as well as could reasonably be hoped.)
Well, if you insist on being pedantic.
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Thanks for the reviews, Omni

I have been meaning to post my own, but a brutal work schedule has prevented me from doing much more than breathing in and breathing out. My quick responses:

QB Thanks for the kind notes, but you give me too much credit for the Leinart handcuff. He was a keeper I decided on long before I decided to throw all my eggs in teh Peyton basket. Frankly, the reality of taking Peyton is that if he goes down I will not recover. I didn't have any of the RB's remaining (Brown, McGahee, Cadilac, T. Jones) as a solid round 1 pick, though, and I would rather gamble my season on Peyton in round 1 than a top WR. Leinart is only keeper value for me. If I start him 4 games this year; I am done.

RB I like Portis quite a bit this year, though injuries are certainly a concern. Foster was simply the best starting RB available at the time I picked. I honestly don't understand those "experts" that are so high on DeAngelo Williams. He has a nice burst, but he's never shown that he can be a workhorse in the NFL. I expect Foster to be a solid but unspectacular RB option for at least 13 games this year, which was about all I could hope for in round 4, th eway this draft shook out. (You can only imagine how painful it was to see Barber go one spot before my pick in the 3rd.) I disagree that K. Jones and Rhodes are ambulance chasers, though. They are both starting backs who are not available to start the season. Each does have a quality backup (well, Rhodes does. Tatum Bell is still riding the hype cycle of his draft slot with the Broncos.) Anderson was a handcuff with potential to leech TD's, nothing else. I don't like this group -- draft value kept me away from RB's in rounds 1 & 3, which was clearly a gamble, but I like the odds that either KJ or Rhodes will turn into a reliable starter by week 6. Perhaps you'd like to make a wager on the season's production for Portis/Foster vs. Betts/Williams? Or KJ/Rhodes vs. Bell/Jordan?

WR I agree with your assessment. Here, more than the RB's, is where the Peyton and Gates picks really take their toll. Needing rounds 2 & 4 to salvage anything reasonable from the RB position, I held off on WR until 5.10. On the bright side, I have 3 #1 WR's & Wes Welker, who I like quite a bit this year. On the harsh reality side, 2 of the #1 WR's have simply bad QB's throwing to them and the third (Jackson) comes with plenty of questions.

TE I have the best TE situation in the league. And thanks for recognizing the value in Olsen's keeper potential.

K I actually made a real mistake with Graham (not the injury - I checked that out and felt comfortable that he would be able to kick in week 1.) I failed to check the one bye week conflict that I truly care about with this team: K & DEF. I'll need to do something about this before week 5. I really wish I had grabbed Jacoby Jones in round 13 and teh best K available (Elam) in round 14 instead.

DEF Yeah - I'm happy with Philly here. They play lots of bad offecnses this year, and only 2 great ones (assuming teh Saints week 1 was an aberation).

If you had Peyton, Gates and a Lee Evans/Andre Johnson type at WR1 I’d have you in the top tier of teams, but with Jackson and the chances that both your RB1 and RB2 could be pigs I have to downgrade you quite a bit.
I agree, though my season obviously hinges upon the positional advantage I bank for the QB & TE positions. I expect Gates' TD total to rebound this year (LT can't claim 31 again this year, so there will be a few more to spread around.) And I actually think Peyton will throw a bit more this year than last. I do need an upgrade at WR, though, and I need at least 2 of my top 4 backs to have solid years. I don't love my team, but considering my draft spot and lack of killer keepers, I am pretty happy with it. Except for the mistake at K, I can look back at all of my picks and feel happy abou tthe reasoning for each.

With "post week 1" vision, I would have done better to take Andre Johnson/Chris Brown in rounds 4 & 5 instead of Foster/Jackson, but I didn't like Chris Brown that much at all on draft day. I like Johnson, but felt better about grabbing a WR late in round 5 than a second RB. In teh long run, I still don't love Brown for hte full season, but he sure looks like he could have bridged me until KJ or Rhodes returned in force.
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Here's my teams review, do not expect objectivity!

In Rex We Trust (Omniscient)

QB – Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Schaub
OK, I had QB rated pretty low on my list of priorities, and I feel good with the way this shook out. I had Schaub pegged as one of my sleepers so getting him in the 9th round felt like a minor victory. Big Ben left a bad taste in my mouth as he utterly destroyed my money league team last season so I will always hold a grudge against him, but after his week one performance I might be able to cope with having him as my #1 QB. I feel like taking him in the 6th round was a little earlier than he deserved but I didn’t like any of my secondary choices if he’d been nabbed. Big picture, I just ask my QBs to not kill me from week to week, and if week 1 is a decent indication I’ll have a good situation here. I expect these two guys to perform equally as well this season, so playing match-ups will be a strategy for me.

RB – Willis McGahee, Thomas Jones, Chris Brown, Adrian Peterson, Michael Bennett
As always you live and die with your RBs. Last year I stole Thomas Jones late in the 3rd round and he carried me into the playoffs as my RB3/Flex. This year I had McGahee rated highly and I’ve got him in every one of my leagues. If he sucks all year long it’s going to be a miserable season for me. I don’t think that’s likely. The Ravens should be a traditional running team this year and should lean on McGahee all season and he should put up better numbers than the aged Jamal Lewis did. Week 1 made me nervous, because while he was productive, Billick decided to get cute around the goal line and not give the $40 million dollar free agent the ball. Lets hope the media criticism cures him of that in the future. Thomas Jones struggled in his first outing but I think he’s going to end up being very productive once again. Neither player is in immediate risk of losing carries so it’s as good of a 1-2 punch as I could have hoped for this late in the draft. Chris Brown looks like a major steal after that first game and you’d guess he’d be in the cat-bird seat as far as becoming the feature back there. Fisher loves the committee approach but if I’m able to get consistent production out of Brown as my RB3 I think you folks are in a bit of trouble. Peterson should start stealing crucial carries from Benson by about week 3 so long as he starts holding onto the ball, cause we all realize that Benson really, really sucks. Bennett felt like a steal there as the league’s ambulance chaser-in-chief. Everyone who’s ever watched a football game is predicting a major LJ injury, so I feel good about having him. Maybe the LJ owner will want to make a deal before the asking price goes up. All in all I like this five-some considering I was without a keeper and being at the tail end of the draft.

WR – Roy Williams, Anquan Boldin, Bernard Berrian, Kevin Curtis, Muhsin Muhammad, Jacoby Jones
I feel very fortunate with this WR lineup. Williams and Boldin are certified tier 2 guys and landing them with my 3rd and 4th picks was very fortunate. I was especially happy with Boldin as I actually think he will have a better year than Fitzgerald. Both the Lions and Cards offenses need to live up to some high expectations and week 1 they both left a lot to be desired, but both my guys found the endzone. That hopefully indicates that they will be key in the redzone. Berrian was a guy I have targeted in later rounds, the grief that Grossman and the Bears offense gets overshadows the fact that Berrian has developed into an elite deep threat. He’s easily Grossman’s favorite target and was undervalued on most peoples boards. Curtis has been a valuable keeper for me and his move to the feature role in the Eagles offense should amount to a bump in productivity. Moose was an absolute steal at that stage of the draft, I generally dislike the idea of carrying multiple WRs from the same team but he was by far the best rated player left on the board. Should he or Berrian get injured, the other will take a bump in value as Grossman is forced to lean on his trusted guys a bit more. Jones is easily my favorite draft pick, he’s been excellent in the preseason and if my take on the Texans offense with Schaub is accurate he’ll get lots of action as the #2 opposite Andre Johnson. Techinally I see him as a keeper, but him developing into a starter is a possibility, eventually becoming a Reggie Wayne/ Houshmandzadeh type off WR.

TE – Daniel Graham
Eh, I really disliked my choices at this position. I figured the Denver system has produced TEs with big numbers before, perhaps it could happen again. Going to have to monitor him over the first couple weeks and see if he’s getting any looks from Cutler. Overall, anything I get out of a TE is a bonus.

K – Jason Hansen
I figure a large portion of my success is going to be tied to the possibility of the Lions offense and Roy Williams living up to the hype. By believing that I naturally have to believe that the Lions kicker, playing in a lot of domes, is also going to put up big numbers. That’s the logic anyways.

DEF – Buffalo
Well, these guys were the best left on the board. It doesn’t really matter though, I suspect I’ll be playing a lot of matchups off the waiver wire.

Keeper Outlook – Jacoby Jones, Schaub, Peterson, Brown. The RBs are a bit of a long shot, but they are young and looking to stay healthy and could demand a starting role with performances this season.

Overall – This is the best I’ve felt about a fantasy team in this league to date. I don’t feel like any one injury will cripple me and I think my later round picks are a good balance of keeper potential and immediate upside. I don’t have any especially notorious injury risks and I actually feel like I didn’t punt on any particular position. Much of my success is going to rely on teams in transition, which is my biggest concern. My top 2 RBs are each new free agents on new teams, there’s reason to think that both will be better for it, but it’s still a reason to question. My top WRs are on teams with a shaky history expected to break out, always a reason for caution. If the Bears, Lions, Texans, and Cardinals all flop I’m in deep trouble. Still, there’s a ton of raw talent here, few guys who could be called “system” players, which I think limits the chances of disappointment.
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Originally Posted by Baltimore Weirdos
You wanna keep people from jumping on players during the game? Fine, close adds at 1PM Sunday and open them up again at midnight Monday (or 9AM Tuesday, whenever). Anyone who cares enough can be online then to make their roster moves. If they don't care enough, then they can have whats left on Wednesday or Thursday or whatever.
This doesn't work for me as the commissioner, because this would be more work and more time commitments. I do not turn the computer on on Sundays. I wake up on Sundays to a blaring television (using the tv's wake timer) at 1:00pm on the nose, just in time for kickoff. My computer is nowhere near a television. So if we're to have a waiver wire, it must be self-policing, since I can't/won't lock the rosters.

Even if I could lock the rosters, what if there was a game-time decision in the MNF game? You'd have to make a best guess Sunday morning? No, this way is much better. Every player is available to everyone up until he kicks off, and I don't have to do anything at all until Tuesday night. Plus the second half of the season has Thursday night games, so either the rosters would be locked from Thursday to Tuesday, or there would have to be some form of self-policing system anyway.
Point is, last night, a full day after the last game of the week, I logged on to see who might be picked up. I found a player that was going to get some starting time, so I looked deeper. This player was listed as having been dropped by another team. I checked the list of available players, he was listed as a FA (not on waivers), so I added him. I realized at the time that this might not be correct, posted as much, and low and behold, it wasn't. So be it, it's not that big a deal, but what i still do not understand is how the person who dropped this player (acording to the league main page) could then pick them up on a waiver claim. I checked before I did anything , Ward was not listed as being on waivers. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the purpose of waivers was to create a hierarchy that would give each team a chance to claim dropped players in an order determined by the last time they had picked up a player. Now you say waivers applies to all pickups. Fine. Stupid, but fine. I can follow the rules if I understand them.
This is detailed in the commissioner note. When a guy is on waivers, if somebody signs him accidentally (referred to as a claim jump), he doesn't get that guy. Instead, I automatically interpret that as a clear sign that they *want* that guy, so I log it as a waiver claim. Then I undo the signing using the commissioner tools. You can tell when a move was done by me as commissioner because the transaction will include (c1), (c2), or any (c#) type identifier. The "c" means it's a commissioner move, and the number shows what week it affects.

So here's what happened:

BabaBooey jumped Derrick Ward. I undid it and filed it as an automatic waiver claim. BabaBooey had a waiver priority of #3, and neither The Mad Hermit (#1 WP) or furt (#2 WP) made a claim on Ward, so Ward went to BabaBooey.

BabaBooey did not release Ward. If you look, you'll see the dropping of Ward was a commissioner move, not a manager move, as signified by the (c2) after the add/drop.

In a nutshell, everyone who kicked off is off-limits until you see the notification, at which point everyone who isn't claimed is fair game.

This requires the absolute minimum amount of effort on my part. But it also requires a very small amount of effort on the part of each individual owner. Is that small amount of effort really too much for me to ask?

We used this exact same system every single week last year. All of it is detailed in the commissioner note, which is the exact same text that was in the commissioner note all last season.
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This is why I required screenshots of prerankings and excluded lists. Dave, you say that you're an adult and don't need to be handheld, but despite your best efforts your name appears on one of the fuckups when you signed Terrell Owens. The reason you fucked that up is because there were already a half-dozen fuckups on the board before your Owens pick, and there was no real way to track who was offlimits and who wasn't. So think of the screenshots as being akin to seatbelts; it isn't to save you from crashing your car, it's to save you from some idiot who crashes into you.

The reason that there were so many fuckups is because nobody did any prerankings, which meant that we had to use the "Y! Rankings" display, and that display shows your excluded players just like any other player. So that made the excluded lists completely worthless. If you read that linked post, you'll see that each fuckup begat more and more problems. The only viable solution is to prevent all problems before they happen, and to do that you have to prerank enough guys so that the excluded list will actually work. (Meaning you can't run out of ranked players, because that would force you into "Y! Rankings" which effectively disables the excluded list.)

If you hadn't picked up Owens by mistake, your "I honor my commitments" argument might have more weight, but even then probably not. Every single draft fuckup becomes everyone's problem.

I'd also point out that the current waiver system is being implemented in the exact same form as it was originally introduced 369 days ago.
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This one's for you, Omni:

Leave Rex Grossman alone!
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Originally Posted by Omniscient
I have not forgotten.
Just wondering - can you predict a date on which you will make good your debt? My schedule is filling up for the holidays and I would hate to miss it.
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Crossposted to the yahoo league:

Dave asked me to speed up his trade so that he can start the guy he traded for this week, which (I gather) is pretty much the sole reason for the trade in the first place. I don't have a problem with this as a general rule going forward. Here's my thinking:

The only reason that trades have a two-day waiting period is so that owners can have veto power to prevent a sore loser from hosing the league by trading all his studs to someone else for peanuts. There is no football reason for the waiting period like there is with waivers. Therefore I have no problem circumventing it.

My idea is that if you accept a trade before the week starts, and both parties agree to speed up the trade, then I will retro-fit the trade into the current week. In order to qualify, neither manager can be starting the player they are trading away. Also, if either / both managers want to start the guy(s) they are acquiring, they should leave that starting spot empty.

After the trade is finalized, I will then retrofit the rosters to reflect the trade as having already happened with the newly acquired starters.

So let's tke a look at this specific trade as the precedent for the facilitating trades idea.

If Hamlet and Dave both agree to it, I will facilitate the trade to be reflected in week 5 (tomorrow) instead of week 6. Of course, this only matters if one or both of them want to start their newly acquired players.

If Dave wants to start Ron Dayne this week, he needs to leave a RB or W/R slot empty, and BEFORE 1:00PM SUNDAY he must post to the yahoo league the name of the guy he wants to start (Ron Dayne) plus a name from his existing roster he'd like to start "just in case". I'm guessing that would be Musa Smith. (If the trade gets vetoed, he obviously can't start Dayne.)

If Hamlet wants to start Roddy White, he needs to leave a WR or W/R spot empty and specify who he wants to start; either Roddy White or someone else already on his roster.

Examples would be:

Dave posts in the yahoo league:
I agree to speed up the Dayne/White trade. I want to start Ron Dayne, and have left an empty spot for him to start. If the trade gets vetoed, start Musa Smith in that slot instead.

Hamlet posts in the yahoo league:
I agree to to speed up the Dayne/White trade. I do not want to start White.

Make sense? Any objections?
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I'd just like to point out that I'm enjoying the non-homer fantasy approach this season quite a bit, though I'd be enjoying it less if I didn't have my homer fix going strong in the auction league.

The less said about the salary cap league the better. My god I suck at that.

I'd also like to take a moment to give props to The Mad Hermit and his mad drafting skillz. Through the first 5 weeks he's in first place overall without having made a single roster move. His first move was this week, picking up a defense to start in place of Pittsburgh (homer!) since they're in a bye.
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Ellis, I'm not completely sure I understand the rationale for putting bye week players on waivers, but I also don't see how it could be harmful. If it makes your job easier, then hip-hip-hooray.

Hamlet, if you happen to be cruising this thread: I have proposed several trades to you.
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Originally Posted by neuroman
Ellis, I'm not completely sure I understand the rationale for putting bye week players on waivers, but I also don't see how it could be harmful. If it makes your job easier, then hip-hip-hooray.
It's not just the commish, it's everyone.

Consider week 5 and the Philly defense, who had a bye. Let's say both you and Omni file a waiver claim for them Tuesday morning, but at roughly the same time Munch just signs them outright, realizing that they are on a bye. I can check the timestamps on the two email waiver claims and compare it to the timestamp on when Munch actually signed them to determine who had first claim, so it's not completely unworkable, but it's a PITA for all four of us. And if one of you filed your claim before Munch signed them, then he ends up losing out on a player he thought he already had. If he doesn't log on for a few days -- maybe that was his only roster need -- he could get screwed.

The other downside is the "closest to the computer" syndrome. Let's say you and Omni are both doing the revolving defense strategy, and you both want Philly. You can't release your active defense (and therefore sign Philly) until yahoo unlocks the rosters, which is...uh...late Monday night? Both of you could end up waiting for that exact moment to see who can sign them first.

IMO it's better to make it a waiver situation. That way nobody has to worry about their rosters at all until whenever is convenient for them on Tuesday, safe in the knowledge that they won't miss out on anybody they want/need due to the off chance that 3am Tuesday morning is an inconvenient time to update your fantasy team.
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Any thoughts on the new DEF scoring? I'm digging it, though that's not surprising since I get to pick the best matchup between the the #2 (Chargers) and #3 (Giants) ranked fantasy defenses each week.

Roughly halfway into the fantasy season, here's the top 9 fantasy totals for each position:
#   QB   RB   WR  TE   K  DEF
1  259  133  143  93  76  142
2  148  131  117  78  74  123
3  146  131  114  76  72  119
4  140  118  108  68  71  117
5  123  116  104  67  70  115
6  119   96   94  57  66  115
7  108   96   92  53  64  114
8  105   89   89  52  60  109
9  103   89   86  48  60  108
The problem with defenses is that there is no real spread; only 11 points separate the #3 defense from the #9 defense. So unless you have New England, pretty much any decent defense will do. This is similar to the TE position.

But in any case, our new scoring system for defense has certainly elevated it to being on par point-wise with the skill positions, so at least in that we succeeded.
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Hmm, nice stats Ellis. I do like the fact that defense is worth more. Looking at the points here, it seems that maybe defense is a tad overvalued with respect to RBs and WR positions. Should we shave a point or two on it? I think it's pretty good where it is now though.
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OK, it's the annual Wilson doesn't want to work at work post!

Also known as analyzing fantasy team defense, also known as "luck".

I took the points scored against each team each week this year, and did a little analysis.

Average Score: 89.36

Highest Scoring Week: Week 2, 103.26 average score

Lowest Scoring Week: Week 5, 75.11 average score

Highest Score: 145.04, Week 2, MunchsUrbanAchievers (second highest score was also week 2, by me, 144.93)

Lowest Score: 33.47, Week 5, Suckasaurus (neuro)

Highest Combined Score: 284.50, NY Fanboys beats Varlos' Zzzzzz in week 9, 144.33 vs 140.17 (the third highest weekly score beats the seventh highest)

Lowest Combined Score: 91.64, me over neuro this past week (fifth lowest weekly score beats the second lowest)

Average points against by team:
Varlos     103.70
Hamlet      98.55
Munch       96.14
Omni        94.11
Ellis Dee   92.39
Chitwood    90.98
Bababooey   88.52
Weirddave   87.45
Wilson      86.68
Furt        86.50
Neuroman    85.15
Mundi       84.00
Hermit      83.95
NurseCarmen 72.87
Poor Varlos.... he's had over 100 points scored against him in 7 of the 10 weeks, no one else has had more than four. On the other hand, NurseCarmen's luck had been phenomenal - his opponents are scoring ten points less a game than the next lowest, and thirty points a week less than Varlos! He's only had one 100 point opponent (this past week).

And the oddest thing I noticed - a week after Trade Down For Kolb and Varlos' Zzzzzz played to that epic 99.4 - 99.4 tie, Trade Down scored 92.37 but lost to the Fighting Quakers, who scored, yes, 99.4.
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Rudi Johnson and Cedric Benson are horrible. That is all.
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Originally Posted by Wilson
Average points against by team:
Varlos     103.70
Hamlet      98.55
Munch       96.14
Omni        94.11
Ellis Dee   92.39
Chitwood    90.98
Bababooey   88.52
Weirddave   87.45
Wilson      86.68
Furt        86.50
Neuroman    85.15
Mundi       84.00
Hermit      83.95
NurseCarmen 72.87
Cool statistics. I don't think I've ever seen the average points against quantified before. That's quite a bit of variation there, I'd be interested to see what the end of season numbers look like. Also, this makes me think my execrably bad team is even worse, since I've had the 4th easiest schedule so far.
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It's got to be driving people crazy that I am tied for first place, yet only 3 people have less total points than me. Yes. I have had a stretch of luck I might say.
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Hey Ellis, don't know if I'll be checking in on the fantasy playoffs with holiday travel and a job search going on, but just wanted to say thanks for another well run season! And I hope to see everyone back again next summer (a new beginning which I am looking forward to... yeesh was my team bad this year.)

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Congratualtions to NurseCarmen, our 2007 He Hate Me Keeper League champion! Congratulations are also due to furt, who loses in the championship game for the second consecutive year.

I'd also like to express my sympathy for me, VarlosZ, who finished the regular season #1 in points scored but #8 in the standings. For the second straight year I'll be picking 1st overall in the draft. Tomlinson or Purple Jesus? Tough choice. Very tough.

2008 Draft Order:

1. Varlos' Zzzzzzz
2. MunchsUrbanAchievers (Munch)
3. New York Fanboys (Ellis Dee)
4. Baltimore Wierdos (Wierddave)
5. Rhinosaurs (neuroman)
6. CedricBensonBusts (BabaBooey)
7. Fourth and Nineteen (Wilson)
8. Moridwon (Hamlet)
9. Curtis Salaam Benson (Omniscient)
10. Trade Down For Kolb (Jimmy Chitwood)
11. Crabby Hermits (The Mad Hermit)
12. Solomon Mundi (Spiritus Mundi)
13. Fightin' Quakers (furt)
14. CarMenace (NurseCarmen)
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I had a crappy draft, but excellent timing.

If we relied on scoring only, I wasn't in first place. In fact, I was in 9th place.

Varlos' Zzzzzzz 1519.71
Solomon Mundi 1469.24
Crabby Hermits 1445.90
Fightin' Quakers 1403.43
New York Fanboys 1341.69
MunchsUrbanAchievers 1333.19
Trade Down for Kolb 1292.45
Fourth and Nineteen 1269.86
CarMenace 1220.90
Baltimore Weirdos 1201.44
Curtis Salaam Benson 1155.54
CedricBensonBusts 1144.35
Moridwon (Hamlet) 1122.44
Rhinosaurs(neuroman) 887.83

On top of that, if you happened to have a winning record, the chances are that you would have a bad game against me. Varlos was the only one with a winning record to beat me. But if you had a losing record, my chances went down hill dramatically. I lost to the 9th, 12th and 13th place teams.

Neither of my QBs were in the top twenty for scoring among QBs. My top running back was 28th in scoring for RBs.

I really hope Wilson doesn't want to work soon, because I'm sure there are a ton of stats that would point to my team sucking, and it would be cool to see them.

On the flip side, this had to be my year. I don't have shit for keepers.

That said. It was another fun year. I'm already rubbing Buddha's belly in preparation for next year.
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He Hate Me Keeper League Year 5 Roundup

Signup Deadline: Thursday 7/31/08
Offseason Trade Deadline: Tuesday 8/19/08
Keeper Declaration: Tuesday 8/26/08
Live Draft: Monday 9/1/08 (Labor Day) at 10:30pm ET

Keeper Rules
1. You can only keep a maximum of 3 players.
2. You can only keep players drafted after the third round. (Fourth rounders or later only.)
3. A player can only be kept a maximum of twice. (Making 3 total roster years.)
4. A kept player incures a two round penalty. (e.g: drafted in the 6th, kept in the 4th.)

Hall of Fame
Year 1 winner: mouthbreather
Year 2 winner: Spiritus Mundi
Year 3 winner: Spiritus Mundi
Year 4 winner: The Mad Hermit
Year 5 winner: Nurse Carmen

Final Standings: Year 5
1. CarMenace
2. Fightin' Quakers
3. Solomon Mundi
4. Crabby Hermits
5. Varlos' Zzzzzzz
6. MunchsUrbanAchievers
7. New York Fanboys
8. Baltimore Weirdos
9. Trade Down for Kolb
10. Curtis Salaam Benson
11. Moridwon (Hamlet)
12. Fourth and Nineteen
13. CedricBensonBusts
14. Rhinosaurs(neuroman)

Draft Order, Year 5
1. VarlosZ
2. Munch
3. Ellis Dee
4. Weirddave
5. neuroman
6. BabaBooey
7. Wilson
8. Hamlet
9. Omniscient
10. Jimmy Chitwood
11. The Mad Hermit
12. Spiritus Mundi
13. furt
14. Nurse Carmen

Final Rosters
The final rosters include all relevant keeper info. The draft round listed is the round the player was drafted last year; if you want to keep them next year, subtract two rounds. Ineligible keepers are struck out, along with the reason they were disqualified. Exceptional prospects are bolded.

1. Varlos' Zzzzzzz (VarlosZ)
QB.....David Garrard (QB-Jac) 8th round pick
WR....Larry Fitzgerald (Ari-WR) 3rd rounder
WR....Deion Branch (WR-Sea) 5th round pick
RB.....LaDainian Tomlinson (RB-SD) 1st rounder
RB.....Jamal Lewis (RB-Cle) 2nd rounder
TE.....Dallas Clark (TE-Ind) 11th round pick
W/R...Leon Washington (RB-NYJ) 7th round pick
BN.....Nate Burleson (WR-Sea) free agent
BN.....Jason Witten (TE-Dal) 6th round pick
BN.....Ted Ginn Jr. (WR-Mia) 15th round pick
BN.....Kevin Kolb (QB-Phi) 16th round pick
BN.....Joey Harrington (QB-Atl) free agent
BN.....J.P. Losman (QB-Buf) free agent
K.......Shayne Graham (K-Cin) free agent
BN.....Stephen Gostkowski (K-NE) free agent
DEF....Green Bay (DEF-GB) 14th round pick

2. MunchsUrbanAchievers (Munch)
QB.....Matt Hasselbeck (QB-Sea) 4th round pick
WR....Chad Johnson (WR-Cin) 2nd rounder
WR....Joey Galloway (WR-TB) 8th round pick
RB.....Brian Westbrook (RB-Phi) 1st rounder
RB.....DeAngelo Williams (RB-Car) 3rd rounder
TE.....Alex Smith (TE-TB) free agent
W/R...Jerricho Cotchery (WR-NYJ) 7th round pick
BN.....Darius Walker (RB-Hou) free agent
BN.....Jerious Norwood (RB-Atl) 5th round pick - kept last year
BN.....James Jones (WR-GB) 11th round pick
BN.....Visanthe Shiancoe (TE-Min) free agent
BN.....Alex Smith (QB-SF) 14th round pick - kept last year
BN.....Tony Hunt (RB-Phi) 12th round pick
K.......Matt Stover (K-Bal) 16th round pick
DEF....Tampa Bay (DEF-TB) free agent
BN.....Carolina (DEF-Car) 15th round pick

3. New York Fanboys (Ellis Dee)
QB.....Jeff Garcia (QB-TB) free agent
WR....Plaxico Burress (WR-NYG) 4th round pick
WR....Greg Jennings (WR-GB) 9th round pick
RB.....Kolby Smith (RB-KC) free agent
RB.....Adrian Peterson (RB-Min) 2nd rounder
TE.....Kellen Winslow (TE-Cle) 6th round pick
W/R...Devery Henderson (WR-NO) free agent
BN.....Laveranues Coles (WR-NYJ) 5th round pick
BN.....Luke McCown (QB-TB) free agent
BN.....A.J. Feeley (QB-Phi) free agent
BN.....Ahman Green (RB-Hou) 3rd rounder
BN.....Larry Johnson (RB-KC) 1st rounder
BN.....Brodie Croyle (QB-KC) 15th round pick
K.......Rob Bironas (K-Ten) free agent
DEF....San Diego (DEF-SD) 8th round pick
BN.....New York (DEF-NYG) free agent

4. Baltimore Weirdos (Weirddave)
QB.....Carson Palmer (QB-Cin) 2nd rounder
WR....Calvin Johnson (WR-Det) 5th round pick
WR....Santonio Holmes (WR-Pit) 9th round pick - kept last year
RB.....Joseph Addai (RB-Ind) 1st rounder
RB.....Ron Dayne (RB-Hou) 10th round pick
TE.....Donald Lee (TE-GB) free agent
W/R...Marques Colston (WR-NO) 3rd rounder
BN.....Andre Davis (WR-Hou) free agent
BN.....Joe Jurevicius (WR-Cle) free agent
BN.....Brandon Jackson (RB-GB) 4th round pick
BN.....Alge Crumpler (TE-Atl) 7th round pick
BN.....Musa Smith (RB-Bal) free agent
BN.....Brandon Jones (WR-Ten) 13th round pick
BN.....Derrick Ward (RB-NYG) free agent
K.......Josh Brown (K-Sea) free agent
DEF....Jacksonville (DEF-Jac) 11th round pick

5. Rhinosaurs(neuroman)
QB.....Vince Young (QB-Ten) 9th round pick - kept last year
WR....Bobby Engram (WR-Sea) free agent
WR....Amani Toomer (WR-NYG) free agent
RB.....Shaun Alexander (RB-Sea) 1st rounder
RB.....Fred Jackson (RB-Buf) free agent
TE.....Chris Cooley (TE-Was) 6th round pick
W/R...Sidney Rice (WR-Min) 16th round pick
BN.....Donte' Stallworth (WR-NE) 7th round pick
BN.....Ladell Betts (RB-Was) 5th round pick
BN.....Jason Campbell (QB-Was) 8th round pick
BN.....Roydell Williams (WR-Ten) free agent
BN.....JaMarcus Russell (QB-Oak) 13th round pick
BN.....Brady Quinn (QB-Cle) 14th round pick
K.......Neil Rackers (K-Ari) free agent
DEF....Cincinnati (DEF-Cin) free agent
BN.....Tennessee (DEF-Ten) free agent

6. CedricBensonBusts (BabaBooey)
QB.....Brett Favre (QB-GB) 7th round pick
WR....Reggie Brown (WR-Phi) 5th round pick
WR....Jerry Porter (WR-Oak) 9th round pick
RB.....Rudi Johnson (RB-Cin) 1st rounder
RB.....Marshawn Lynch (RB-Buf) 2nd rounder
TE.....Randy McMichael (TE-StL) 13th round pick
W/R...Brandon Jacobs (RB-NYG) 4th round pick - kept last year
BN.....Pierre Thomas (RB-NO) 16th round pick
BN.....Cedric Benson (RB-Chi) 3rd rounder
BN.....Derek Anderson (QB-Cle) free agent
BN.....Vincent Jackson (WR-SD) 6th round pick
BN.....Chad Pennington (QB-NYJ) 8th round pick
BN.....Michael Bush (RB-Oak) 11th round pick
K.......John Kasay (K-Car) free agent
DEF....Seattle (DEF-Sea) 12th round pick
BN.....Chicago (DEF-Chi) expired

7. Fourth and Nineteen (Wilson)
QB.....Philip Rivers (QB-SD) expired
WR....Torry Holt (WR-StL) 2nd rounder
WR....Andre Johnson (WR-Hou) 4th round pick
RB.....Marion Barber (RB-Dal) 3rd rounder
RB.....Reggie Bush (RB-NO) 1st rounder
TE.....Owen Daniels (TE-Hou) 16th round pick
W/R...Edgerrin James (RB-Ari) 2nd rounder
BN.....Maurice Morris (RB-Sea) free agent
BN.....Derrick Mason (WR-Bal) 10th round pick
BN.....Todd Heap (TE-Bal) 5th round pick
BN.....Chris Chambers (WR-SD) 6th round pick
BN.....Kenny Watson (RB-Cin) free agent
BN.....Patrick Crayton (WR-Dal) free agent
BN.....Kyle Boller (QB-Bal) free agent
K.......Adam Vinatieri (K-Ind) 8th round pick
DEF....New England (DEF-NE) 7th round pick

8. Moridwon (Hamlet)
QB.....Jon Kitna (QB-Det) 8th round pick - kept last year
WR....Roddy White (WR-Atl) free agent
WR....Steve Smith (WR-Car) 2nd rounder
RB.....Maurice Jones-Drew (RB-Jac) 6th round pick - kept last year
RB.....Chester Taylor (RB-Min) 5th round pick
TE.....Benjamin Watson (TE-NE) 9th round pick
W/R...Fred Taylor (RB-Jac) 4th round pick
BN.....Chris Henry (WR-Cin) 13th round pick
BN.....Kurt Warner (QB-Ari) free agent
BN.....Marc Bulger (QB-StL) 3rd rounder
BN.....Marvin Harrison (WR-Ind) 1st rounder
BN.....Tony Scheffler (TE-Den) free agent
BN.....Brian Leonard (RB-StL) 12th round pick
BN.....Michael Turner (RB-SD) 11th round pick - kept last year
K.......David Akers (K-Phi) 15th round pick
DEF....Baltimore (DEF-Bal) 7th round pick

9. Curtis Salaam Benson (Omniscient)
QB.....Ben Roethlisberger (QB-Pit) 6th round pick
WR....Anquan Boldin (WR-Ari) 4th round pick
WR....Bernard Berrian (WR-Chi) 7th round pick
RB.....Willis McGahee (RB-Bal) 1st rounder
RB.....Ryan Grant (RB-GB) free agent
TE.....Chris Baker (TE-NYJ) free agent
W/R...Adrian Peterson (RB-Chi) 8th round pick
BN.....Kevin Curtis (WR-Phi) expired
BN.....Thomas Jones (RB-NYJ) 2nd rounder
BN.....Chris Brown (RB-Ten) 5th round pick
BN.....Matt Schaub (QB-Hou) 9th round pick
BN.....Muhsin Muhammad (WR-Chi) 11th round pick
BN.....Michael Bennett (RB-TB) 12th round pick
BN.....Arnaz Battle (WR-SF) free agent
K.......Jeff Reed (K-Pit) free agent
DEF....Kansas City (DEF-KC) free agent

10. Trade Down for Kolb (Jimmy Chitwood)
QB.....Drew Brees (QB-NO) 5th round pick - kept last year
WR....Reggie Wayne (WR-Ind) 2nd rounder
WR....Dwayne Bowe (WR-KC) 15th round pick
RB.....Steven Jackson (RB-StL) 1st rounder
RB.....Earnest Graham (RB-TB) free agent
TE.....L.J. Smith (TE-Phi) free agent
W/R...Justin Fargas (RB-Oak) free agent
BN.....Selvin Young (RB-Den) free agent
BN.....LaMont Jordan (RB-Oak) 4th round pick
BN.....Santana Moss (WR-Was) 6th round pick
BN.....Ronald Curry (WR-Oak) 10th round pick
BN.....Jay Cutler (QB-Den) 9th round pick - kept last year
BN.....Anthony Gonzalez (WR-Ind) 8th round pick
K.......Nate Kaeding (K-SD) free agent
DEF....Dallas (DEF-Dal) 11th round pick
BN.....Buffalo (DEF-Buf) free agent

11. Crabby Hermits (The Mad Hermit)
QB.....Tony Romo (QB-Dal) 6th round pick
WR....T.J. Houshmandzadeh (WR-Cin) 2nd rounder
WR....Terrell Owens (WR-Dal) 1st rounder
RB.....Willie Parker (RB-Pit) expired
RB.....Julius Jones (RB-Dal) 4th round pick
TE.....Tony Gonzalez (TE-KC) 5th round pick
W/R...Devin Hester (WR-Chi) 13th round pick
BN.....Antwaan Randle El (WR-Was) 9th round pick - kept last year
BN.....Donovan McNabb (QB-Phi) 3rd rounder
BN.....Najeh Davenport (RB-Pit) 16th round pick
BN.....Correll Buckhalter (RB-Phi) 14th round pick
BN.....Sammy Morris (RB-NE) 12th round pick
BN.....Drew Carter (WR-Car) 15th round pick
K.......Robbie Gould (K-Chi) 11th round pick
BN.....Jason Elam (K-Den) free agent
DEF....Pittsburgh (DEF-Pit) 8th round pick

12. Solomon Mundi (Spiritus Mundi)
QB.....Peyton Manning (QB-Ind) 1st rounder
WR....Braylon Edwards (WR-Cle) 7th round pick - kept last year
WR....Wes Welker (WR-NE) 12th round pick
RB.....Clinton Portis (RB-Was) 2nd rounder
RB.....Kevin Jones (RB-Det) 6th round pick
TE.....Antonio Gates (TE-SD) 3rd rounder
W/R...Lee Evans (WR-Buf) 4th round pick
BN.....DeShaun Foster (RB-Car) 4th round pick
BN.....Kevin Walter (WR-Hou) free agent
BN.....Greg Olsen (TE-Chi) 15th round pick
BN.....Darrell Jackson (WR-SF) 5th round pick
BN.....Dominic Rhodes (RB-Oak) 9th round pick
BN.....Rex Grossman (QB-Chi) free agent
K.......Nick Folk (K-Dal) free agent
DEF....Indianapolis (DEF-Ind) free agent
BN.....Detroit (DEF-Det) free agent

13. Fightin' Quakers (furt)
QB.....Tom Brady (QB-NE) 3rd rounder
WR....Donald Driver (WR-GB) 4th round pick
WR....Brandon Marshall (WR-Den) 11th round pick
RB.....Frank Gore (RB-SF) expired
RB.....LenDale White (RB-Ten) 5th round pick
TE.....Vernon Davis (TE-SF) 8th round pick - kept last year
W/R...Aaron Stecker (RB-NO) free agent
BN.....Mike Furrey (WR-Det) free agent
BN.....Jesse Chatman (RB-Mia) free agent
BN.....Javon Walker (WR-Den) 3rd rounder
BN.....Kenton Keith (RB-Ind) 14th round pick
BN.....Kellen Clemens (QB-NYJ) 13th round pick
K.......Mason Crosby (K-GB) free agent
DEF....Arizona (DEF-Ari) free agent
BN.....New Orleans (DEF-NO) free agent
BN.....Denver (DEF-Den) free agent

14. CarMenace (Nurse Carmen)
QB.....Tarvaris Jackson (QB-Min) free agent
WR....Hines Ward (WR-Pit) 4th round pick
WR....Randy Moss (WR-NE) 3rd rounder
RB.....Laurence Maroney (RB-NE) 2nd rounder
RB.....Reuben Droughns (RB-NYG) 9th round pick
TE.....Heath Miller (TE-Pit) 7th round pick
W/R...Reggie Williams (WR-Jac) free agent
BN.....Warrick Dunn (RB-Atl) 5th round pick
BN.....Eli Manning (QB-NYG) 6th round pick
BN.....Travis Henry (RB-Den) 1st rounder
BN.....Shaun McDonald (WR-Det) free agent
BN.....Lance Moore (WR-NO) 13th round pick
BN.....Zach Miller (TE-Oak) 15th round pick
BN.....Steve Smith (WR-NYG) free agent
K.......Jason Hanson (K-Det) free agent
DEF....Minnesota (DEF-Min) 12th round pick


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