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Originally Posted by DPRK View Post
I can imagine him saying it. Calling someone a "bitch" or "son of a bitch" is certainly derogatory in Russian: "Блядь, вот суки!" &c
Thanks, DPRK.
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There are a number of YouTube channels out there showing drivers in trouble. A goodly number of them are in Russia, probably because of their dash-cam habit. When we were watching I commented, "I think we're hearing Russian they don't teach you in high school." 'Bilyets' comes up a lot.

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bitch = suka
dog = sobaka

It could have been interesting on Star Trek if Chekhov occasionally lapsed into creative profanity, but I don't recall that...
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According to a half-baked theory, in the show it is the Klingons who follow a putative Russian archetype, just like the Romulans represent Chinese and the Vulcans Japanese.


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