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Splitting Up Together (new TV show)

This is one of ABC's new shows, starring Jenna Fischer (The Office) and Oliver Hudson (Rules of Engagement). I like both the leads so I was looking forward to it, despite the premise: a couple who are divorcing but due to finances, choose to both remain in the home. Overall I thought it was just okay, though JF and OH did not disappoint.

One thing I found kind of strange was the subplot about the older son who is going through puberty and suffering from enlarged and painful testicles. Not a one off joke but a whole story line. Does that strike anyone else as odd? Not saying I was offended or disgusted or anything just kind of . . .surprised (?) At one point the doctor tells JF to encourage / facilitate masturbation and we find her trying to fix up the pantry so it's a comfortable place for him to go because he shares a bedroom with his younger brother.
There's multiple instances of her and her son texting about it.

Has this been addressed in a sitcom before? Do you think it's equivalent to the "very special" episodes where a teenage girl gets her first period? If you've seen this show, did you find this part weird? Even if you didn't see it, does it sound unusual to you?
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I was going to reply yesterday, but I hadn't watched the show yet. That has been remedied.

1. I, too, like both Jenna and Oliver.

b. I do think they were going for a similar scenario to 'dad had to deal with daughter's first period, ack!' I don't think I've seen this dealt with before on tv, but I related because I've had the puberty, masturbation, etc. talk with my grandson. I think they were also going for a 'men aren't the only ones who can be a stubborn, blind to the obvious solution parent' when she had the dad right there to help.

iii. I like Jenna and Oliver together here, and the realization of mistakes they made, so I kinda hope for growth and reconciliation (it's tv, I can want nice things).
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