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Originally Posted by kayaker View Post
My MIL is active in her Catholic Church. She attends mass, volunteers selflessly, spends a day every week on her 83 year old hands and 2 year old knees cleaning the church floors, etc.

Years ago she confided in me that she is an atheist. For her, the church is a social organization she has been involved with her entire life, but she thinks the entire "god" part is ridiculous. This is the only secret I have withheld (at my MIL's request) from my gf.
On the flip side, a friend (not a scientist but a highly respected academic) confided in me that she despises the notion that the church (Orthodox) should be a place to socialize or hang out; when she goes to church she goes to worship god.

So not all church-goers are merely going through the motions.
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Assuming that there is a higher percentage of athiests in science, it could be because religious people are less likely to choose science as a profession. If a person believes that God created the heavens and the earth, then why waste their time studying an incorrect view on the origin of the universe?
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Approach it scientifically. First, define "deity". Then devise a method to mechanically count qualifying entities. We need objective observations here, folks. Now let's inspect our observations. Got any false positives or negatives? How can we tell? An actual deity might take pains to avoid detection. How do we flush-em out?

Another approach: a literature search. Scan all terrestrial documents for mentions of powerful supernatural entities i.e. gods, goddesses, godlings, etc. Tally those, correct for population density, and see which deities predominate. Summarize your findings in a journal article, with a pop version for The Atlantic. Gain fame. Be invited on talk shows. Speak reassuringly.
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As a former Mormon, I know several highly intelligent scientists who are Mormon. One is my uncle, a professor emeritus from a prestigious university. Yet, his belief in Mormonism is unshakable. Likewise, my best friend from high school is a scientist as well, with a PhD from Stanford. A couple of years ago, we went camping in Yosemite and he has an unshakable belief. He now is a bishop, which in Mormonism is the lay leader of a congregation.

Discussing the reasons I left Mormonism with him, itís apparent that he has simply turned off any kind of critical thinking when it comes to religion. Itís called compartmentalization and scientists arenít immune to it.


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