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Making Online Payments Using Skrill - Thoughts and Opinions Please

In a nutshell, I need to make recurring online payments, and for reasons not pertinent to my question Paypal is not an option. I have never had cause to use anything other than Paypal when I haven't been able to use just a debit or credit card. Has anyone had experience with Skrill? ( I am hesitant to give up my banking information without doing a little research first. I appreciate the opinions and advice I have received from Dopers in the past, and am counting on you now to share your experiences and advice once again. Thank you in advance.
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Location: Back where I began.
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My other option is Payoneer ( I am reading about both companies, and I don't know. I am not looking to pay for betting, which seems to be one of the uses Skrill was founded for. I am paying for an online service that is neither nefarious nor salacious, he no longer accepts Paypal, so these are the two options open for me to move a small amount of money at irregular times during the year. I could certainly use some assistance in making the best choice between the two. Again, advance gratitude for your points of view.
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Do you want them to be scheduled? Does 'online' mean how you're submitting it or how he's receiving it?

Can you just do it via your bank's bill pay system? My bank decides how payments go out, electronic or check. Small volume payees (a relative, a painter, etc.) might be via check but anyone they do any type of volume with goes via ACH.

Does he accept Venmo?


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