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Selling platinum

If you have some gold to sell, you can usually take it to a coin shop. Pawn or jewellery shops too, but they usually won't pay as well. If you come across a large nugget, weighing several pounds so that it's worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, it's probably be best to take it to the mint, since a coin shop won't have that kind of money on hand.

What do you do for platinum? You find a large nugget of native platinum, where can you take it to sell?

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When I salvaged some bits of platinum/iridium wire that I collected for several years from some electrodes used in medicine, I was offered spot gold prices, which at the time was less than platinum. But it amounted to less than an ounce, so that probably figured into it. I bet for larger amounts you could get closer to spot platinum, which is currently less than gold. The place I took it was a local metals dealer, but coin dealers often deal in various forms of precious metals.

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There are dealers who specialize in this, for example:

I believe they have a good reputation. They also deal in gold and silver (from jewelry...).

If you have platinum rounds there are several online bullion dealers who usually offer better prices than local dealers.

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Gold nuggets are worth much more as collector's items then their actual gold content. I would assume the same goes for platinum.

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Originally Posted by mixdenny View Post
Gold nuggets are worth much more as collector's items then their actual gold content.
That's probably not true of this one.


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