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If everyone were required to be all-rounders the recruiting and training system would stop producing players who would be physically incapable of going both ways.

The whole system that includes diet and years of physical training would start producing players that are small enough to run competently and also big enough to block competently, instead of outliers on either end of the spectrum of humanity whose bodies are so extreme as to be capable of only a narrow set of tasks.

The game would also become less physically destructive because you would not have such extreme differences in the build of players tackling and players being tackled.

The sport would tend more toward a sweet spot of above-average human rather than extreme outlying specimens.
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Originally Posted by Acsenray View Post
The sport would tend more toward a sweet spot of above-average human rather than extreme outlying specimens.
Just a different set of extreme outliers.

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All very interesting but quite off topic, so let's end the team hijack please, thanks.

Providing useless posts since 1999!

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Originally Posted by running coach View Post
Along with the fact that players are far bigger and faster, resulting in a much more punishing game. I doubt it's possible for players (at their current size) to have the stamina needed.
You change the rules, you get a different game.

If you want to see what incredibly fit footballers who run the whole 80 minutes look like, look at Aussie Rules. As a group, they are also the only people who make me feel small, (they tend to tall and muscular). They aren't as bulky as rugby or gridiron players but they aren't as light as professional runners either: they are incredible athletes.

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Originally Posted by BobLibDem View Post
More importantly, how does MLB prevent this in the future?
I vaguely remember a story about a game between Stanford and either the Giants or A's where they tested out a method for the catcher to send signals electronically to the pitcher by the catcher pushing a button on his mitt. The problem was, the pitches hit the mitt so hard that they broke the signaling device.


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