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Old 08-07-2012, 01:08 AM
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Chicago Dopers, help me make a decision

I've gone out to Chicago for the past few years to see the Air and boat show. I stay at my Aunt's place right near Montrose Harbor and have always had a very fun time while there. My friend that usually accompanies me got free tickets to Paris this year , so he'll be there, and the other guys also had obligations. This year she even got tickets to the Hyatt corporate tent because of her company ties with them. Now I'm a bit stuck without a travel companion.

I can fly out, which might cost me $300 or so, or drive and pay a bit under half of that. The latter affords me a vehicle there, but then there's parking, fuel, and a 6 hour drive by myself. I've had far worse drives, but I was always paid to do them and was obligated.

The perks once I'm there are awesome. Free bed and amenities at my Aunt's, whatever Hyatt corporate tent tickets include, and just generally being in Chicago. I have a co-worker that lives out there, but he's likely to balk at a third beer in a night.

I've yet to meet another Doper in person, but I am positive that if I met one or two, that a great time would be had by all. If I don't bring anyone out with me, it's just me and my Aunt. She's really awesome, but she can't provide the "fun" quotient that I would need in order to justify the trip. I am positive that there are fun Dopers in Chi-town.

Oh, the Air and Boat show runs from 8/18 to 8/19. I have the preceding Friday off as well as the following Monday, so there's flexibility.

I'd be perfectly willing to give a Doper a ride either there, or there and back. I'm just not wanting to waste this opportunity.

If I'll likely be alone the whole time, then fuck it. I can do that at home for free.

I'd kinda like to go to the weiner's circle just because. I've never had Pequod's before either.

I can either make this work, or I can perfect my sleeping skills that weekend.


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