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Originally Posted by FairyChatMom View Post
I grew up in Baltimore county, just a bit north of the city. I now live in St. Mary's county. I don't know how far it is at the crow flies, but according to Google maps, it's about 91 miles door to door.

The farthest I ever lived was 2650 miles when I was in Coronado, CA.
That is my furthest location also. Though technically I had an apartment in San Ysidro for 6 months. So either way around 2750 miles.
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Around 4200 miles from southern Iowa to southern England.
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266 miles according to Google maps. SW Houston to NE Dallas.
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425 miles from my house in Chillicothe, OH to the house I grew up in in Baltimore, MD.
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In a straight line, 16.29 miles.
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I live in the city I was born in, and I'm sixty four years old. I went to university here. I did spend three years in the Army, and three years working in Michigan, but the rest of it has been here. I work right across the street from the hospital I was born in.The church I attend is less than a mile away.
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Depends on how you look at it. I have two hometowns.

I grew up on Cape Cod. 1500 miles from Little Rock

I moved to Arkansas in the 5th grade. That town is 125 miles from LR.

My fondest memories are living on Cape Cod. I learned to swim at those beaches and regret ever leaving.

But, I never had to drive in the heavy snow. Snow was was for sledding.

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Thanks for the replies, everyone. Maybe moving wont be as life-altering as I've feared. It certainly seems to be the most common experience.
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Originally Posted by Tamerlane View Post
Not applicable. I grew up in no one place. I'm ~2,800 miles from where I was born( Ithaca, NY ), but I have no memories of the place - we moved when I was still a baby. I had lived in four different states + D.C. and eight different cities by the time I was 13.

I did settle down a bit thereafter, bouncing around the SF Bay Area after 13 and I'm still here generally( I've lived in multiple cities in the area as well ). But given the big gap at the start I'm not really inclined to say "I grew up here."
Originally Posted by galen ubal View Post
Another one who bounced about quite a bit*, but I'll count Champaign, Illinois as "where I grew up"
9618 miles, or 15,478 km, according to the Great Circle mapper site.

*Dad was US Air Force - I was born in Michigan, moved to Hawaii then Indiana, but moved to Illinois when I was...six, I think. Then I spent the next sixteen years there, and that's the location of my only childhood memories
Ditto. No one place is my hometown.
My dad was a field engineer, so we moved every 2-3 years.
Like the umbrella, I was born in Baltimore and raised all over the world.
After leaving home and marrying, I have continued the habit. From all the moving, I have lived as far as 3,891 miles northeast, 949 miles south, 2327 miles northwest, 12,472 miles southwest (and many places between) of my birthplace. I'm now 491 miles NW of Baltimore, and there is no realistic chance I would ever move back. None of my family stayed there; most are now in northern VA. We are here to keep an eye on Mr. Celtic Knot's parents, and will stay as long as they are around. (We're 39 miles from one of his childhood homes, and 5 from another.)
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Originally Posted by cochrane View Post
2100 miles, the distance from Johnstown, PA to Tucson, AZ. The economy wasn't great, Johnstown was a dying town, and my mom grew up in Tucson. Tucson is a great town, home to a major university, lots of good medical facilities, and a booming aerospace industry. Employment is good, Arizona has an $11 per hour minimum wage going up to $12 in 2020. The weather is great, if a bit hot in the summer. We're not suffering from the extreme weather going on in the rest of the country.
You're from Johnstown? I live there now! (It still sucks.) My husband works at Pitt-Johnstown so I moved here when we got married. Oddly enough, I have friends in Tucson.

To answer the OP, I now live about 3 hours from where I grew up. That's 107 miles as the crow flies. I'm from a small town in western PA. I've lived in Texas, California, and New York but wound up here seven years ago.
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Originally Posted by Lancia View Post
Thanks for the replies, everyone. Maybe moving wont be as life-altering as I've feared. It certainly seems to be the most common experience.
Once upon a time people were born, raised, grew old, and died all basically within a 50 mile circle. Not everyone but that was thought of as the norm. If you had family spread across the country you were actually a sort of local attraction. These days, with work/jobs and all being what they are, it seems like we're back to moving around almost like hunter/gatherers. I've lived thousands of miles away; I just seem to keep ending up somewhere in the PA/NY/WVA/OH area. Its because of work, connections, and comfort with the geography but its something. Now where I grew up ------ I've had chances to and passed on them. I love Edwardsville but I love the memories of what it was more than what it is now. For me, my life, where I am now is OK. Offer subject to change without notice and my mileage next month may be totally different.
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About 100 miles. Farthest away was about 175 miles.
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835 mi
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7 miles, according to google maps.

But I work even closer, and could actually see my childhood home from my desk if they cut down a couple of trees.
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848 miles.
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Around 15 or 20 miles.

I've never lived anywhere but the island where I was born. But Montreal is such a cool place that I don't want to leave. There's enough variety and weirdness and coolness on this island that it's enough for me.

I like travelling, but there's no place like home.
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About 60 miles. I grew up on the south side of Chicago (Beverly) and now live in a far western suburb (Elgin).
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1200 crow-miles and about 22 hours driving per Google.

I could never go back. The area of Maryland where and when I grew up was rural. About 20 or so extended family members lived nearby. People mostly had regular jobs but almost everyone raised chickens or hogs, or grew tobacco or corn on a small scale. It was a kind of Timmy and Lassie childhood(I even had a collie who followed me everywhere as I rode my bike), but not as remote - malls and stores were just 30-45 minutes away. Now they would be 5 minutes away and everything else is housing developments and apartment complexes. The nearest farms are thirty miles away. The only family left are first-cousins-once-removed who I never really knew. To be fair, it had started changing before I moved away, but I was an adult by then. I just don't recognize it as "home" anymore.
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Hard to say, since I "grew up" in different places ( we moved a lot )

Best I can do is say I now live just about shy of 700 miles from where I graduated high school.

When I was a grade school kid, I though everybody moved a lot. In 5th or 6th grade once the teacher went around the room and asked how long everybody lived there: I was amazed at how many said "all my life".
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Currently, I'm a 15-20 minute bike ride from the house I grew up in, where my mom still lives. EDIT: And the route from my place to Mom's house takes me right past the hospital (now converted to a nursing home) where I was born.

The furthest I've ever lived was in Montana, somewhere over a thousand miles away. I moved back specifically because I wanted to be closer to family.

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I live about 4 miles from where I grew up. Why did I stay? Well, first off because both my husband's family and mine are in the area. Second, because my job requires that I live in NYS, and most of the jobs in my agency are in the NYC area. And most importantly ( but related to #1) , I couldn't have had the lifestyle I wanted any other place. Other places are cities , and other places are walkable and have public transportation , and I could have been happy living in any city I've visited - but only in NYC could my mother have cared for my children and my sisters' children while we worked, which resulted in cousins who are as close as siblings. Now that retirement is approaching, my reasons have somewhat changed - but only in that the family I'm staying near is no longer parents/siblings/grandparents/aunts and uncles. Now it's my kids, one of whom lives in Queens and one who lives just over the bridge in NJ. If they should ever move to widely separated places, I would probably move to a warmer place.
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360 miles. I moved from Southern California to Northern California with a few years in Ohio in between. Both of my sisters ended up farther away. I still have cousins who live near the old place, so I can visit.
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4,969 miles.
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Zero miles. My parents bought this house when I was 5, grew up here, graduated high school, went away to college. Got married and divorced, got married and divorced again and became a single dad with two sons to raise. About the same time that I really needed childcare help, my mom needed to retire and wouldn't be able to keep the house by herself. I bought the house, she retired debt free with no household bills. I moved home, raised kids, got married again (I really should stop that).

Mom is gone now and the kids are grown and we are living in the house I grew up in. Even if I begin to lose my mind in old age, I will always be able to find the bathroom here.
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As the crow flies, I live about 27 miles from the house I grew up in. Google Maps says it's 37 miles by road, and 50 minutes' driving time. Since this is in the DC area, the '50 minutes' part sounds optimistic if it's not a Sunday morning.
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When my parents got married, they moved 1950 miles west of Ohio (PNW). When I got married, I moved 5250 miles east of them (middle of Europe).

The joke is that I'm less than an hour's drive from my multi-great grandfather's birthplace. So it only took 400 years to get back.
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Well, only about 20 miles away. But my hometown grew up with me.

When I was in high school there was a herd of cows that regularly broke their bounds and tied up traffic in the center of town. (Often coinciding with math exams, in fact.) Now, it's basically a part of Washington, DC, with 15-story office buildings everywhere you look.

So I didn't have to leave in order to find something different.

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About 750 miles.
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We moved around a lot when I was a kid. Right now I am about 1000 miles (1600 km) from where I went to high school.
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2800 miles, give or take. From the Baltimore suburbs to the Seattle outskirts. Interesting to note that I've lived in my current house (20 years) longer than I lived in all the places I "grew up" combined.
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About 3 miles, presuming I can count "grew up in" as the house I lived in starting from age 6.
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Originally Posted by Die Capacitrix View Post
When my parents got married, they moved 1950 miles west of Ohio (PNW). When I got married, I moved 5250 miles east of them (middle of Europe).

The joke is that I'm less than an hour's drive from my multi-great grandfather's birthplace. So it only took 400 years to get back.
Almost snap!

This economic migrant moved south nearly 400 miles (by road) to find work. As, incidentally, did my brother - he's about 15 miles away. He was the one that much later found out that our great grandmother had been raised about 4 miles from where I now live, and just over ten from him. Her family travelled nearly 400 miles north to find work.

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Have you noticed older people were very aware of the county they lived in?

My grandmother always said she was from Hempstead County and my grandfather was from Nevada county. They share a common border. That's where several generations owned family farms. Neither lived in a town and specifying the county is convenient. This was before the post office created RFD addresses.

My Arkansas hometown is in Union county 40 miles away.

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Grew up in Atlanta, now live in San Antonio. Not going to measure it, about 1,000 miles.
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282.46 miles.
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I'm 51 years old. My mother and stepfather still live in my childhood home, which is about 45 miles from me.
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Slightly over 2000 miles.
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The farthest away from there I've ever lived is 9,346.47 miles. That was in Malaysia. Great circle over the North Pole. That isn't how I got to Malaysia, though. I flew to LA and then to Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur. That was a much longer distance.
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Within 25 miles. I haven't always lived that close to "home" though. I spent my 20s between 800 and 3000 miles from the Inland Empire. But the IE is like the Mafia.

Born in Town "A." Ages 0 - 12 in Town "B" that abuts Town "A." Ages 13 - 20 in Town "C," which abuts "A" but on the other side from "B." Interregnum. Then back South to Town "D," which abuts Town "C" but on the other side from "A."
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I live less than ten miles from where I was born, and have all my life, which means for 60 years.

That's in New York City, so I suppose that's a bit different from some of the situations described above.
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2510 miles or so (about 4040 km).
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About 2 feet, more or less. When I was watching shows about Apollo 11 recently it hit me that I was sitting about that far away from where I was when it actually happened. It's about the difference between sitting next to my dad's chair and where I now have my chair. The sad part is in the intervening years I haven't been to the Moon myself, not even once for a quick visit.
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Between 2800 and 3000 miles. We moved a lot a lot a lot. I don't remember ever attending the same school for a full year.

I was raised in Miami and Tampa and St. Petersburg, etc., but I'm now in the Sacramento area. I miss the beaches in Florida and a lot of the foods I grew up with are not readily available here.
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I live in a house that sits on the site of the house that I was conceived in. My direct family has had a stake in this particular patch of land since about 1930, and my ancestors have lived within 3 miles or closer of here since 1850. The cemetery 1.5 miles away has multiple 3xgreat grandparents along with more recent ancestors, including my parents in it.

It's on the shore of Lake Michigan, with 220 feet of sandy beachfront, and 60 acres of woods behind it. It feels like home, because it is.

Now, I've lived other places growing up. At least 15 other homes, in 4 other states. But I always came back to this spot for summers and other vacations. And when my dad died in 1995 we moved into the large home he built to replace the smaller original house.

My younger daughter hand my kindergarten teacher for her first grade teacher. The road we live off of has the surname of my great grandmother. A road with my surname is less than 2 miles away. I go to sleep listening to the waves of the same lake that I listened to as a newborn.
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3,120 miles. Except for some youthful traveling, I spent my whole life within a 50 mile radius of where I was born, though I lived in several places. Last year I moved across the continent to the old side of the country. Only regret not doing it sooner.
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1180 miles. Google says it will take 18 hours and 7 minutes to drive there, because there is a car crash in Reno.
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I was born in Daytona Beach, Florida. I was originally raised in the Orlando (Central Florida) area before spending my teenage years in the suburbs of Fort Lauderdale (South Florida).

I now live in Denver, Colorado, having moved 3 and a half years ago.

I love Colorado. I relish the climate. I prefer the prevailing politics. I even like the time zone better.
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I live almost 11,000 km away from where I was born. That’s close to 7000 miles. I’ve spent a total of 30 years in Asia. That’s still more than half of my life. Considering that I spent the first 20 years in Salt Lake, most of my adulthood has been here.

I got the hell out of Dodge. It was a very abusive family and repressive religion.

Overall, it’s been the right choice.
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In the OP start he mentioned about half the family had moved away and about half had stayed.

I find thats about average where about half will stay and half will end up living farther away.
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33 miles.


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