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He's still my favorite. He's having a little trouble in South Bend right now and I hope he can turn this situation around. For his sake but also for his city.
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Originally Posted by SlackerInc View Post
I haven't heard anyone be impressed with his House election (other than beating an incumbent in the primary, which is pretty good whether it's AOC or Beto who does it). They are impressed by his losing a Texas election for U.S. Senate by only two and a half points. The margins for the other Senate elections in Texas over the past twenty years:

2014: R+27
2012: R+16
2008: R+12
2006: R+26
2002: R+12

So two and a half points is amazing by comparison.

But wait, you say. 2018 was a different kind of year. Texas has been changing demographically, and nationally this was a "blue year". Okay. So how come the Republican candidate for governor won his race by 13 points? Both Beto and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Lupe Valdez were on the same ballot. (And that name suggests to me that you can't mark Beto's good showing up to Hispanic turnout.) Both races garnered about eight million votes total. The difference was that at least a half million Texans refused to vote for Valdez but voted for Beto. That's huge.
The Democratic party is weak in Texas and continues to put forward weak candidates, Lupe Valdez being a good example.
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Pete stands out from the crowd by being able to answer questions articulately and not beat around the bush. Most of the others have been infected by politician-speak that causes them to hem and haw and sound very inauthentic. Pete and Bernie have a sound grasp of what they're proposing and are masters of sticking to the point.
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CNN showed his town hall meeting in South Bend. I'm a huge fan but have to admit to being a bit disappointed in how he handled a crowd of angry, mostly African American constituents. He seemed very detached. Maybe he's not really ready for prime time. We'll see how he handles the debate.


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