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Cats that look like pinup girls

Quite possibly the funniest tumblr ever.


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Up next: pinup girls that look like Hitler.
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Wow, that is hilarious. The ones where the cat is giving the camera a 'piss off' look are the best.

Also, what is with the number of girls doing wildly out of balance headstands? Is that an artist fail (I assume the models were posed laying on their sides, if there were models at all), or is that somehow more attractive?
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Excellent tumblr. Now, I think you'd said something about cats?

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I like it.

But you need to get a moderator to hang a NSFW tag on that. Bare boobs will get some peoples knickers twisted.
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Moderator Note

I've included a NSFW warning in the OP
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I can't get over how innocent and cheerful pin-ups were back then. Our version of manga. Makes me wonder if about the contorted, almost angry, porn faces that you see now. Are those what really sells, and did the cheerful cheecky pin-up faces back then serve as an social acceptilble " face", to connect such pictures to other advertisements of the era?

Fun little factoid; did you know that artists who made the pin-up drawings generally lengthened the legs? It was the old-timey version of Photoshop.


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