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Dog Nutrician Question

When we have left over beef, usually steak, we will cut up a couple of ounces and mix it in with our dog's regular dry dog food. We"ll do the same with chicken. In doing so, we do not include any fat or skin. Neither will we do so if the beef or chicken has any spices added. So, is adding this "human" food to our dog's diet problematic? In terms of frequency this occurs once or twice a week.
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It depends on the dog. In general, dogs can handle a pretty wide variety of food. Many dogs can tolerate human food just fine, even if it contains fat or skin or whatever. The only thing that can be problematic for any dog is cooked bones, because those can splinter when chewed, and the splinters can perforate any portion of their digestive tract.

While dogs in general can handle a wide variety of foods, some dogs have much more sensitive stomachs than others, and anything out of the ordinary in their diet can give them a serious case of the squirts. Even then, you can generally change their diet fairly significantly, as long as you make the changes slowly. Introduce new foods a little at a time, by mixing them in with their existing foods, kinda like what you are doing now.

Since you don't mention any sort of gastrointestinal distress or messes all around the house, your dog is probably fine.

Dogs are mostly carnivorous (though they are a bit omnivorous), so meats like steak and chicken are what their bodies are designed to eat. Most dogs would think of bits of steak and chicken as a nice treat.
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Agree with engineer. We give our dog the occasional meaty leftover as long as not spiced too much. We cut it up into small bits and mix with his regular food. I don't think a lot of salt is good for them, either. I think even fatty bits are OK as well, but not chicken skin (he does not chew it, but would slurp it down whole, which I think is not good). We even give him fish once in a while. A ritual I have with my dog is when we have a chicken carcass (or turkey - thanksgiving), after we eat I pull little bits and pieces off to put in his bowl (OK, he also gets a few tossed directly into his mouth). When we have a whole chicken, he knows now what's going to happen.

You should keep putting the human food in his bowl - otherwise your dog will learn that begging can be profitable, which I find annoying.
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I got an obese Beagle who will anything. She's a shameless beggar. So I limit human food treats. Mr.Wrekker often gives her jerky when he eats some. It gives her gas so if I catch him I stop it. She even begs when the cats are eating their stinky food. They eat up high on a counter so she sits under them in the classic begging position, whining and drooling. It's really sad to see. Occasionally they kick her a morsel. Mostly they just stare at her with disgust on their little furry faces and roll their blue eyes.
I don't see any harm in giving a normal weight, healthy dog a human food treat.

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Occasional meat treats in moderation are fine for dogs.

Even a lack of moderation is probably OK, as in the time my chocolate lab snagged a steak intended for me off the kitchen counter and ate it, leaving me to defrost meatloaf for dinner.
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Originally Posted by engineer_comp_geek View Post
It depends on the dog. In general, dogs can handle a pretty wide variety of food. Many dogs can tolerate human food just fine, even if it contains fat or skin or whatever.
I'd be careful with the amount of fat offered, as fat can be a initiating factor in pancreatitis. That said, I feed our dogs lean beef, chicken, fish, and lamb along with their commercial diet. They also get some egg daily. They are lean, fit, and healthy.


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