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2019 Tennis season Thread

We are already well into the 2019 tennis season believe it or not, with tournaments already played and finished and many stories developing ahead of the Australian Open which begins in less than a day.

There are a lot of questions going into this year:

Will Serena win her 24th Grand Slam?

When will Federer win his 100th Tournament?

Will Djokovic keep the dominant run he had a the end of last year?

Will Osaka reach another final?

Will Nadal win another French?

Will any of the "youngsters" on the ATP tour make an impact at the Slams?

And I guess now, at which tournament will Andy Murray retire?

This looks to be an interesting season...

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I'm giving up on predicting when Federer will retire, having done for the last 3 or 4 years and been wrong every time, so it would be a hollow 'victory' if he does so this year. As for Murray, he might make Wimbledon if he's lucky, then that will be it. Shame his body couldn't quite keep up with his talent. Nadal and Djokovic seem to continue to defy expectations in that respect.

Predictions, based on nothing very much: Aus - Djokovic; French - Nadal; Wimbledon - Federer; US - Nishikori.
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I'll wager Raffa will win at least another two FO's, three tops.
This Canadian was happy to see all four Canucks (Raonic, Bouchard, Shapovalov, and Andreescu) advancing from the first round in the Aussie Open.
Nice to see Kyrgios comport himself like a sportsman (for once) in the presser after his loss to Shapovalov.
Zverev's gotta win a major this year. Still young, sure, but now's a good time as any to truly break out. His recent ATP win over Djokovic was great - let's see if he can run with it. Scary looking serve.


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