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Originally Posted by elucidator View Post
By any chance, do you know the precise legal standard for variation in the signature?
"Exact match", which is subject to interpretation, as in the match must be microscopic for someone whose signature starts Tyrone or Juanita.

Originally Posted by adaher View Post
Brian Kemp disenfranchised no one, unless you believe the law itself is disenfranchising. In which case your issue is with Georgia law, not Brian Kemp.
Do you really think he had no latitude in who to expunge? Or that it was entirely within the law for him to disqualify hundreds of thousands (literally) of people on the false grounds that they fell within his discretion to do so?

No, friend, the problem is with your party, and its putting its own pursuit of power above the interests of the nation and of the principles of democracy itself, and with the number of its adherents who are willing to excuse it and even look for ways to justify it. But there are still many of us who do still take that stuff seriously, and many historians who can show you what has happened elsewhere when the devotees of democracy have been overcome by the tribalists.


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