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What If: Republicans win fourth term in 1992

What if President George H.W. Bush won reelection in 1992, what would the country look like?
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Colin Powell probably becomes the (R) nominee in 1996, and loses due to the nation being fatigued of Republican presidents. Clinton or Gore might run in 1996 and win and then get reelected, but then George W. Bush could get elected in 2004. Kind of like everything being postponed four years. Obama might win in 2012, etc. But it's doubtful there would be a Trump presidency in this timeline.
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Well, I highly doubt Gingrich and the Republican Revolution happens in 1994. I do blame Gingrich for the start of the new nastiness in the Republican Party.

Does Clinton make a second run in 1996? I think that would depend if Perot was the spoiler allowing Bush to squeak a win in. If it was a repeat of 1988, then Clinton is forgotten as quickly as Dukakis
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I agree that Republicans probably wouldn’t take both sides of Congress in ‘94 which had been the result of a revolt against Clinton.

No way would Quayle have been the nominee in 96. Even though he was a good man his reputation was too tarnished from media bombardment.

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Would the party of Jesse Helms in a sense in the eyes of a lot of people who observe the GOP, allow a black conservative like Colin Powell to win the '96 GOP nomination?

Five terms of the GOP: 1980-1996 would be damaging to the Democrats' image.

Gore probably would have been the '96 Democratic favorite.
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How would the remnants of Iran- Contra have played out? In our world, Papa Bush was able to pardon Cap Weinburger and the rest of the Merry Men, mainly because in December 1992 he was a lame duck. Winning re-election might not make the say politically feasible.
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What would a reelected President Bush 41 have gotten done with a Democratic Congress in 1993-95?

Would an enraged Minority Whip Gingrich and his conservative lieutenants DeLay and Armey be angry with Bush for the remainder of the term?

I can't imagine a GOP Congress/Bush 41 like his son enjoyed from 2003-07.


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