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The poker world is engulfed with the Postle poker scandal

Somewhat surprised to see that this isn't being discussed. Stones Gambling Hall has live streams of cash hold 'em games. About a year or so ago, a low/mid-stakes player called Mike Postle started running over the game, despite playing a ridiculously high percentage of hands - like 40-50%, a stupidly high level that essentially guarantees high variance and eventual busto. Despite this Postle kept winning...and winning...and winning. "God Mode" comments were common. Crush Live Poker instructors made training videos calling him a clown and discussing how to beat stupid lag-tards playing 50% of hands, which were all spot-on, problem being Postle was making insane reads in every single hand, and never ever being wrong.

I remember watching some streams and just not understanding how he wasn't sometimes blasting into the stone cold nuts. He'd shut it down when behind. Put in massive bluffs with complete air, but only when his opponents could never call. It was insane. Garrett Adelstein, a regular on the Live at the Bike streams, is one of the best players I've ever seen, and he often makes the wrong fold, or triple-barrel bluffs into the nuts. Postle? Never.

It turns out that a number of players (including some of the Crush Live Poker instructors) raised concerns at the highly unusual style + never losing combination. Stones basically came back with 'we looked into it, nothing to see here'. Fast forward a few months later, and a player/commentator at Stones finally had enough after this hand.

A few tweets later, some poker vloggers started digging in, particularly Joey Ingram, live-streaming hours and hours of simply going over videos of Postle's play on the Stones feeds, and uncovering hand after hand of god-like play. Basically, Postle is God descended from the heavens to play $1/3 hold 'em in Sacramento, or he's cheating.
Doug Polk and other vloggers have joined in, the thread on 2+2 has exploded, and it's become this black hole of time sink as people look back at hands with a 'omg why didn't more people spot this earlier', coupled with speculation as to how he cheated and whether he acted alone (seems certain he had to have at least one accomplice. We now have a stoned Mike Matusow doing a podcast with Postle. Entertainment gold.

For me, the most insane thing is that the guy won a few hundred thousand dollars (at most) over the course of a year, that he probably had to split with someone - not a massive payout, but basically free money, and he was only caught because he was stupid and greedy. Blast off into the nuts here and there, lose a couple of big pots, have some losing sessions here and there, and literally nobody ever every suspects a thing. Doing all of his cheating ON CAMERA and then doing it in a way that is literally guaranteed to raise eyebrows....what a stupid way to get caught.
If you think hiring a pro to do the job is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur...

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