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Is Trump an Asset of Russia (Or Some Other Foreign Power)?

According to some, the implication/assertion goes that Trump has done plenty of grievous things in his life and that evidence of these things has fallen into the hands of Vladimir Putin*, and further that Putin is using these things to blackmail the president. In another thread in Elections, it was suggested that I "do my own homework" after making an off-hand comment that "Trump isn't being controlled by foreign powers, I don't think". The reason I did not go off and do that in depth was, I've been following politics fairly closely for decades, and certainly during the Trump years, and I haven't seen anything that would make me think that Trump is most likely being blackmailed. I've have done Google searches, currently watch all the cable news shows, including FOX, and haven't found anything particularly convincing there. This is not to say that I discount the possiblity that Trump is in fact acting at the behest of Putin. Certainly it's possible, and I am open to the idea.

In the other thread, someone made the rather ridiculuous assertion that I would need a video of Trump fellating Putin, or a personal letter from the Russian before I would be satisfied. I alluded to the possiblity that it will most likely be very difficult to find "high-quality" evidence of blackmail, some sort of direct connection, but this is not on me. One cannot reduce the standard of proof in this instance, just to make it easier to "prove" something. Since it will be difficult, it's very likely this thread will die a quick death. But here goes:

I would start off the debate with a few questions as suggestions only. Feel free to start wherever you like.

1. What "goods" does Putin have on Trump?
2. What evidence is there that he has communicated to Trump blackmail demands, and what are they?
3. What has Trump done that suggests he is being blackmailed, that is, something he would not have done unless that is in fact the case.

*Putin is the one I see usually being accused of being a potential blackmailer. Feel free to talk about others as you see fit.


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