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Guess how Max S. went from the "Hydra Lamp" to "Donald Trump is a Wanker"

Ever read one of my posts and think, this guy is clearly off his rockers? If not, now's your chance.

There is a line of internet-assisted thought connecting the thread How does the Hydra Lamp "Anti-Gravity Fountain" work? to the Bach-themed parody of The White Stripes's "7 Nation Army", "Fugue on Donald Trump is a Wanker". Starting on the Hydra Lamp thread, it took me four discrete steps to reach the YouTube video. Can you guess how I did it?

A hint because it's not obvious, for one of the steps I highlighted a word, right clicked, and used "search Google for...".

Solution in the spoiler.
  1. I clicked bibliophage's link in post #6
  2. At the very bottom of Cecil's article, I highlighted "wankers", right clicked, and clicked "Search Google for "wankers". I did this because I was wondering how offensive the word is to the British.
  3. From Google's search results, I clicked the Wikipedia page.
  4. From the Wikipedia page, I clicked the link for cite 26, which leads to the YouTube video.

Partly inspired by the Hitler game on Wikipedia (how many clicks to Hitler), the thread title of "Links" golf courses, and people who in person ask how on earth I could be thinking of X at a time like Y.


ETA: Sorry, meant to post this in Thread Games

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