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Old 08-03-2019, 09:58 AM
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PS3 slow downloads.

First, I want to thank user Grrr! publicly. Grrr gave me a PS3 so my kids and I could play some games over the summer and it has been working really well.

The next game I am queuing up for is Okami HD. I decided to go the "digital download" route with it instead of buying a disc. I registered for PSN(I had been using it without that for awhile) and input my payment information. I bought the game($14) and went to download it.

It's using my Wifi and is the only thing using my wifi(even this computer is ethernet cabled). I have no other internet traffic currently....aside from this post I'm making right now.

Dude, the game is 6.3gb and is taking forever! I also had an update when I installed/put-in the second Uncharted game and it took over an hour.

My wifi is quick. steam can install game a 3.5 mb/s download rates when I get stuff there.

Are PS3's slow downloaders? Or is it their network that is slow in transmitting data?

I read a few posts on the internet similar to mine, but am curious. Imagine if I got a bigger game!
Old 08-03-2019, 05:22 PM
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Are you playing another game or using an app on the PS3 while the download is in progress? If so, that's likely to be the problem - almost all of my PS3 games pause active downloads when being played. Unfortunately, you may have no choice but to exit the game and just leave the console idling at the main menu until the download finishes.

Slow downloading for PS3 games was a major problem for me a few years ago; I recall Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 (both around 20 GB games) taking about 24 hours each to download when an equivalent-sized download on PC would have taken me only 3 - 4 hours. However, that problem eventually cleared itself up and I don't know why - it was definitely some kind of issue at my end rather than a problem with PSN as a whole though, otherwise millions of PlayStation gamers would have kicked up an almighty stink.
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Nope, doing nothing else. Okami did install and plays fine.

I could run an ethernet cable to it if I know a big download is coming. I assume it has the port in the back. It's a big model PS3, not a slim.


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