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I was in New Orleans a couple of years ago for a friend's wedding. I was getting an Uber from our Air B&B in Treme to the CBD.

I went on the app and created the trip, and watched as my driver came down the street straight toward me, but then turned away when he was two blocks from me. I watched him go around the block three times, actually driving past me twice, and eventually I ran down to the next block and basically stood in front of him to make him stop. He was an older guy, probably a retiree, and he proceeded to insist the street I was standing on wasn't the street I was standing on. I had literally been standing right underneath the street sign.

We had what I felt was a pleasant conversation on the ride, and afterwards I gave him a 100% tip (it wasn't a very long ride) and 5 stars. He gave me 2 stars. Whatever. That guy was a fucking moron.

Last year I was in Lisbon for a wedding. Almost everyone was staying at the same hotel, and we were all Ubering to the rehearsal dinner. My Uber got me there just fine in 10 minutes, but another guest's driver took her on an hour-long ride around the city, continually switching between "I can't get there from here" and "my English is not good." She got there eventually but that was fucked up.


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I drive part time for both Uber and Lyft. I guess my life is dull, because the strangest ride I've given (so far) was a fairly pretty young lady who was stoned out of her mind and spent the trip telling me how the universe sends down silver tendrils, like tendrils on a Christmas tree, and if one of them touches you, it will dispense wisdom.

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I'm also an Uber driver for places other than the states.

I do it part time for pocket money - generally working 8pm Saturday till 8am Sunday.

My car is a "soccer mum" people mover, which is probably one of the 5 biggest ubers in this city. Makes a bit of a difference to the more normal Toyota Prius that most use.

I currently have a little over 1500 rides under my belt - a few interesting stories....

But first some general thoughts about how Uber works here and misconceptions

1. I get paid on actual time / distance travelled. You are welcome to deviate from the route suggested if you wish, add stops or do whatever you like so long as we understand this

2. I am VERY accommodating - whatever you want is what you get, which includes stops for Mickey D drive through, beer runs, drug runs or whatever else you want to do

3. If the pickup is not a residential address, or if the rider is not obviously nearby I drop a text "I have arrived"

4. If the pickup is the clubbing district (we have a pedestrian clubbing district that cars can't get into) I text instructions on how to find me

5. I don't have to stop the ride at your destination - we can add a second location, go further, drop you sooner or whatever else.

6. It's pretty common for person A to call an Uber for person B - mostly this is either a booty call, or a ride home for a drunk

7. Riders and drivers can't see each others ratings before making their own ratings

8. I can't accept my next ride before rating my previous rider -

9. I've never had to turn someone down due to lack of space - I've even had 12 pax worth of luggage (family group x 3 ubers from airport) with all luggage in my car
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My most interesting ride so far -
Driving around 11pm or so on a Friday night,
got a call to an address that is 15 minutes away in a exurb (VERY far in my city, where you can get from one side of the city to the other in 20 minutes),
turns out it's a 3km trip (about $5). Grumble grumble, never mind, them's the breaks.
Make the drop-off and head back towards town - a few minutes into the trip I get another call - JOY! This person no doubt wants to go into the city party.
No such luck - I find out on pick-up
a. the lady is stinking drunk (has to be belted in to keep her upright)
b. is going 15 minutes FURTHER out of town to the local army base.
Reach the married housing, just out of the base, and she sits in the car looking at me and starts telling me how much hubby travels and that he's away at the moment.

er......that's no good Ma'am - have you got your keys? Your house is just there....
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Then there was the time we almost had a punch-up in the back seat.
Picked three pax up in a different part of town, another exurb (5 minute motorway trip to reach)
they were climbing in and were talking about person X that they wanted to avoid...
Sure enough as we were trying to turn around and exit the car-park and turn around he comes out and stops the car - guilting them into giving him a lift.
He was being a jerk the whole way, until they were having quite a heated argument....
Car was stopped and he was kicked out and left there.
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There was also the guy that was tripping on magic mushrooms (he got a free ride home)
Had picked up some people and taken them into town.
On reaching the club, their friend was outside and obviously not in a healthy state to be left in town taking care of himself - they asked if I could take him back to where we'd started.
Totally not a problem - I'd already ended the ride, so gave him a free ride home (it was a 5 minute trip, so no dramas on my part)


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