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Old 08-13-2019, 10:20 PM
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Why are ATMB threads simply summarily closed?

Particularly this one:

It is bad enough that the mods completely failed to respond to several cogent arguments in the thread about similarities to other topics, but the thread ended with basically "We don't care what anyone says this is how we are doing it!"

However, they never responded to the crux of the questions which were the contours of what "misogyny" was. Many posters said very thought provoking things deserving of a response. For the mods to dismiss those concerns with a hand wave, that was bad enough. Might as well just get rid of this forum all together.

But why are threads in this forum simply closed? Threads go on and on and on in GD or IMHO or the Pit. Why not in this particular forum?
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Your arguments are pretty poor, and often a distraction from the actual topic of threads. In a thread about misogyny, the topic is not, 'what about men?' If that's your contribution, you're doing it wrong.

Look at the top posters in that thread:

SlackerInc	31
Manda JO	22
SamuelA	 21
CarnalK	 18
UltraVires	16
DrDeth	 15
I get it. You don't think there is a problem. In fact, you think a change in moderation approach would be a net negative. Thanks for the feedback. We'll have to agree to disagree. As to the contours of what misogyny is - lots of people will have different interpretations. I have my own. But when more than a few women tell you you're being a jerk towards women, listen more and talk less. So what are the contours? We can start with don't be a jerk. I suggest you stay away from gender related issues because you're bad at them. If you are interested, read more, absorb, assume positive intent, and talk less.
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I actually try to keep threads open as long as possible so that issues can be resolved.

In misogyny threads though, there is a tendency for people like you, SamuelA, SlackerInc (and probably a couple of other that I'm not thinking of off the top of my head) that don't seem to believe that we have a misogyny problem. You don't listen to anything that our female members post. As they keep trying to explain why they are so angry, all of you keep talking past them, completely ignoring their concerns, and bringing other issues into the thread to cloud the issue being discussed. The female members keep getting more angry, you keep ignoring them, and one misogyny thread after another goes spinning around in circles with no hope at all of accomplishing anything once it gets to that point. So when they get to that point I shut them down, which isn't a good solution either since our female members feel stifled, but at that point the thread is hopelessly derailed so there is no possible good outcome either way.

Like I said, the fact that we have a problem is not up for debate. The fact that we are on a path to reduce misogyny is not up for debate.

If people like you and the others that I have listed did not constantly and consistently derail misogyny threads, then they would not be closed.

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