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Old 06-27-2019, 03:21 PM
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Anyone Playing Slay the Spire?

I picked this up on sale on Steam and only played it for a little bit but I am hooked. It is like a single player game of Magic, sort of. It's a deck building game where you start with cads but as you get into battles you refine your deck and get better and better at fighting. I am really enjoying it. Anyone else play it?
Old 06-27-2019, 05:12 PM
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It's definitely addicting and a lot of fun. Perhaps a bit too much so, as I'd sometimes get stuck playing too long just climbing one more floor. I played enough to get the true ending with all 3 characters. Ascension climbing got boring eventually, and the custom modes weren't that interesting, so I ended up uninstalling it. I might go back if they ever add a 4th character.
Old 07-05-2019, 03:33 PM
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I heard about it after watching an Extra Credits video on the "roguelike deckbuilder" and was very pleased to see it was available on the Switch. I may pay more for it, and may not actually get to play it "mobile" very often, but I like there being games for my Switch I actually want other than Zelda, because I wasn't aware of any when I got it specifically to play Breath of the Wild.

Anyway, I've had it for a few weeks, beat it with all three characters to unlock the true ending, and have beaten the true ending with the Red and Blue characters, and am working on Green. I really like the idea of it, but the execution isn't that great. At least you aren't required to add cards to your deck when your choices aren't good for it, but there's not very much of a choice available and you'll never know if you will be able to get a certain lynchpin required for the deck you need to build. Add to that the randomness of relics and the randomness inherent in a card game, and it has basically the same flaws I see in most roguelikes - there's just way too much randomness. If it was more like Dominion where you had full knowledge of what was available, I'd like it more.

I'll probably put it aside once I beat the true ending with the Green character - I had lots of other games to play before I found out about it, and after hearing about I absolutely needed to try it out. And of course I can come back to it if I'm ever planning to be away from home and want something to keep me occupied.
Old 08-07-2019, 02:14 AM
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I got the game with my Humble Monthly subscription and decided to try it out, having seen others play it once or twice. I've played 2 runs so far. The first, obviously, was Ironclad; I beat the first boss on that run, then got clobbered by an elite in Act 2.

That unlocked The Silent, so I played that for my next run. I may have gotten unreasonably lucky, though I had some vague idea of what I was doing, but I beat the game on that run. (The first part, of course--I know there's another Act to unlock.) So, that's a victory on the second attempt. The unreasonable luck: I pulled 2 copies of Bullet Time, one of which came pre-upgraded. Add in some relics and cards that give extra draws, and I very often had a full hand of free cards to play. It wasn't a very focused deck, but multiple copies of Footwork and some nice block cards meant I could usually turtle up and wait for opportunities. Empty Cage and Astrolabe helped tighten up the deck eventually, though I did have to spend gold to ditch a couple of Strikes.

It was fun, but not riveting. I will probably keep it installed to play casually from time to time, at least until I get all the unlocks. I gather that there's a ladder and rankings and such, but that interests me not at all.
Old 08-07-2019, 02:23 AM
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I haven't run it in ages, but yeah, it's great. It used to be my go-to "got 20 minutes to waste before I have to X" game.


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